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August 21-22-23, 1973 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 



First Emmanuel Baptist Church 
High Point, N. C. ' 
REV. D. D ; MASON, Host Pastor 
June 28 and 29, 1973 


August 18-19, 1973 

Gethsemane Baptist Church 

Salisbury, North Carolina 

REV. W. T. JACKSON, Pastor 





First Baptist Church 
Winston-Salem, North Carolina 
July 18-19, 1973 -■ 


Oct 21, 1972, Dec. 16, 1972, 
Feb. 17, 1973 and April 28, 1973 




August 21-22-23, 1973 


Winston-Salem, N. C. 




First Emmanuel Baptist Church 

High Point, N. C. 

REV. D. D. MASON, Host Pastor 

June 28 and 29, 1973 


August 18-19, 1973 

Gethsemane Baptist Church 

Salisbury, North Carolina 

REV. W. T. JACKSON, Pastor 




First Baptist Church 
Winston-Salem, North Carolina 

July 18-19, 1973 


Oct 21, 1972, Dec. 16, 1972, 
Feb. 17, 1973 and April 28, 1973 


1. SPECIAL FIELD PROMOTERS: J. E. McCoy, H. J. Cobb, W. C. Hay. 

W. T. Jackson, E. J. Love, C. T. Miller, E. E. Bailey, These Brethren 
are requested to promote our Bi-monthly sessions in helping to reach 
the unreached. 

BUDGET: W. C. Hay, Quincy A. Caldwell, G. C. Crawford, H. A. White, 
B. M. Summers, D. R. Hedgley and presidents of auxiliaries. The purpose 
of this Commission is to present after careful study of the Association's 
objectives and programs, an annual budget for the Association. 

2. PUBLICATION: Theo Walker, J. C. Harris, W. E. Banks, J. W. Reed, 
W. O. Terry, H. B. Waiters and M. C. Hawkins. The purpose of this 
commission is to compile and condence the minutes of the Association and 
its auxiliaries can be printed under the same covers. 

3. PUBLICITY: J. E. McCoy, C. H. Hawkins, Joseph Evans, John Gaston, 
W. R. Small, S. B. Stevenson. The purpose of this commission is to report 
and distribute for publicity the program, projects and activities of the 

4. PUBLIC RELATIONS: E. L. Kirby, I. L. Anthony, T. A. Smith, J. R. 
Butler, McKinley Robinson and W. C. Rogers. The purpose of this Com- 
mission is to represent the Association in matters of human relations. 

5. EVALUATION: J. D. Ballard, C. W. Anderson, W. J. Robinson, W. B, 
McLaughlin and H. S. Lewis. The purpose of this commission is to study 
for critical evaluation the program and the work of the Association, and 
make recommendations for improvement and enhancement. 

6. RELIGIOUS EDUCATION: B. F. Daniels, Miss J. Wade, J. L. Lassiter, 
F. O. Bass, M. C. Murray, and C. N. Traynham. The purpose of this 
commission is to advise and present to the Association plans for ad- 
vancing a program of study and training to the sessions of the As- 

7. AUDIO VISUAL: Richard Adams, I. R. Turpley, W. M. Adams, S. E. 
Tyndall, Mrs. P. Johnson, and F. L. Andrews. The puipose of this com- 
mission is to demonstrate during the session of the Association the use 
and value of Audio- Visual Aids in the Church. 

8. BENEVOLENCE: J. A. Floyd, G. W. Campbell, J. T. Joyce, T. L, 
Smith, and T. E. Littlejohn. The puipose of this commission is to be 
on the alert during the Association in expressing its concern for veteran 
pastors and messengers of the Association. 

9. EVANGELISM: S. W. Mack, H. H. Hawkins, A. T. Evans, W. E. 
Samuel, L. L. Mason, Leroy Smith and S. L. Hodges. This commission's 
purpose is to foster within the Association soul saving campaigns by 
the wav of public meetings, personal contact and training classes. 

10. HISTORICAL: H. A. Chubbs, J. W. Tynes, E. L. Grant, F. D. Betts, 

D. D. Mason and I. C. Carter. The purpose of this commission is prepare 
and keep up to date a brief account of the Association from its beginning 
to its ever drawing present and to make this information available to the 
Association and its Auxiliaries. 

11. PROGRAM: O. L. Hairston, C. R. Trotter, A. H. McDaniel, W. M. Wyatt, 
Theo Walker, D. R. Hedgley, W. L. Gladney. The purpose of this com- 
mission is to present to the Executive Committee for approval for a sug- 
gestive program of the Annual session, and to plan ail other programs. 

12. MINISTERS INSTITUTE: Jerry Drayton, H. J. Cobb, E. S. Anderson, 

E. L. Kirby and R. E. Blount. The purpose of this commission is to plan 
and direct, at least once a year an intensive opportunity as may be 
presented in an Institute. The day preceeding the opening of the Annual 
Session should be used for the Institute. 

13. NEW CHURCHES: K. O. P. Goodwin, Alexander Shaw, W. C. Wilkerson, 
E. T. Lee and E. N. Young. The purpose of this commission is to en- 
courage the development of Baptist Missions in new Urban Centers, and 
other possible Chinch areas; and. to. aid young. Churches forming and 
practicing the doctrine'bf the Baptist Church. 


NO. 11,863 



This is to certify that we, George O. Bullock, R. W. Brown, L. D. Wilson, 
P. S. Lewis, J. W. Hairston, H. M. Ellis, O. S. Bullock, J. H. Owens, R. W. 
Harris, and John Paisley and such others as may associate with them and then- 
successors do hereby associate ourselves into a corporation under and by virtue 
of the laws of North Carolina as contained in Chapter 21 of the Revisal of 
1605, entitled "Corporation" and by that name shall have succession and a 
common seal, and may sue and be sued, plead and be impleaded before any 
court of record in this state, contact and be contacted with, and to that end 
do we hereby set forth: 

1. That the name of this corporation is the Rowan Baptist Association, Inc. 

2. The location of the principle office or place of business of the corpora- 
tion in this state is at Winston-Salem, Co. of Forsyth, State of North Carolina; 
but may have one or more branch offices or places of business out of the state 
as well as in the state. 

3. The purpose of the corporation is for religious, missionary, charitable 
and educational purposes, and for the spiritual, moral and mental improvement 
of men and women, boys and girls, by promoting and providing meetings of 
workers under religious organizations, by providing or establishing an orphan- 
age for the care, protection, nurture and training of orphan children, a college 
with standard curriculum, academic or intermediate schools with regular courses 
for religious, scientific, technical and all grades of industrial training for both 
sexes, and shall have the right to grant diplomas and confer degrees. 

And in order to properly prosecute the objects and purposes above set 
forth, the corporation shall have full power and authority to purchase, lease, 
sell an 1 otherwise acquire, hold, mortgage, convey and otherwise dispose of 
all kinds of property, both real and personal, both in this state and in all 
other states, territories, or dependencies of the United States; and generally to 
perform acts which may be deemed necessary or expedient for the proper 
and successful prosecution of the objects for which the corporation is created. 

4. That there shall be no capital stock of this corporation, but the 
corporation shall have power to receive and retain to it, and its successors 
forever, any lands, tenants, rents, goods, chattels, franchises or interests of 
any kind whatsoever which may be granted conveyed, bequeathed or given to 
it, or is purchased or otherwise acquired for use of the association in its religious 
and educational work combined. 

5. This corporation shall have the power to execute and issue and endorse 
promissory notes, bonds or other evidences of debt and to secure the same by 
mortgage or deeds of trust on its real or personal property. 

6. The officers of this association shall be a moderator, vice-moderator, 
secretary, corresponding secretary, treasurer, executive board and such other 
boards as the association may deem fit and necessary, who shall be elected 
annually by the association at their regular meetings and hold offices until their 
successors are elected and inducted into office. 

7. The association shall at their annual meeting elect a board of trustees, 
consisting of nine members of its association, who shall have full and complete 
charge of the management of the orphanage and school or schools under the 
control of the association. Three of the trustees shall be elected for one pear, 
three for two years, and three for three years. They shall make an annual 
report to the association, or earlier when called upon to do so. 


8. The names and post office addresses of the incorporators are as 

Name Address 

R. W. Brown Winston-Salem, N. C. 

George O. Bullock Winston-Salem, N. C. 

L. D. Wilson Winston-Salem, N. C. 

P. S. Lewis Charlotte, N. C. 

J. W. Hairston Charlotte, N. C. 

H. M. Ellis Salisbury, N. C. 

O. S. Bullock Lexington, N. C. 

J. H. Owens High Point, N. C. 

R. H. Harris Reidsville, N. C. 

Jno. W. Paisley Greensboro, N. C. 

9. The period of existence of this corporation is sixty (60) years. 

10. That said corporation shall have power to pass all necessary laws and 
regulations for its own government, constitute and elect such boards and com- 
mittees as are necessary for the execution and carrying out of the plans of the 
association, which may not be inconsistent with the laws of the state, or the 
United States. That the conditions upon which new members may become 
associates with the incorporators is that they shall be persons of good moral 
character, twenty-two years of age and a citizen of the State of North Carolina 
or the United States, members of a regularly organized Missionary Baptist 
Church, or members of a regularly orthodox evangelical Protestant Church, and 
shall be admitted into the corporation by a majority vote of the incorporators 
at a regular or called meeting of the corporation. 

In witness whereof, we have hereunto set our hand and seals this 7th day 
of February, 1914: 

Geo. O. Bullock (Seal) J. W. Hairston (Seal) 

R. W. Brown (Seal) H M. Ellis (Seal) 

Jno. W. Paisley (Seal) O. S. Bullock (Seal) 

L. D. Wilson (Seal) R. H. Harris (Seal) 
P. S. Lewis (Seal) 

North Carolina, Forsyth County, 

This is to certify that on the 7th clay of Februaiy, 1914, before me, notary 
public in and for the County and State aforesaid, personally appeared Geo. 
Bullock, R. W. Brown, L. D. Wilson, P. S. Lewis, Jno. W. Paisley, who I 
am satisfied are the persons named in and who executed the foregoing certificate, 
and I, having first made known to them the contents thereof they did each 
acknowledge that they signed, sealed and delivered the same as their voluntary 
act and deed for the uses and purposes therein expressed. 

In testimony whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my official 
seal, the 7th day of February, 1914, 

(Notary Seal) Richard E. Reynolds, N. P. 

(Mv commission expires, Feb. 8, 1915.) 

Filed February 9, 1914. 

I, J. Bryan Grimes, Secretary of the State of North Carolina do hereby 
certify the foregoing and attached four (4) sheets to be a true copy of the 
Certificate of Incorporation of the same as taken from and compared with the 
original filed in this office on the 9th day of Februaiy, A.D. 1924. 

In witness whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my 
official seal . 

Done in office of Raleigh, this Gth day of Februarv in the year of our 
Lord, 1924. 

J. Bryan Grimes, 

Secretary of State. 



Rev. Harry Cowan,...,.,.. ,...,„...,.,...,.,.,...,..,....„„,...,..,,..,.......,....1866-1868 

Rev. Z. Haughton 1869-1870 

Rev. John Washington,.,,,..., ,...,..,....,.......„ ........,.,,,...,.......1870-1875 

Rev. Grover CrowelL........ ,.... 1875-1879 

Rev. George Brown-...,„.,„.....,...,.„....,..,....,..,,,......,...,...,.^.....„....1879-1880 

Rev. J. O. Crosby....,,.., ,.. , 1880-1883 

Dr. P. S. Lewis ,...„., ,.. ..... ,...,.......,.,.....,.,....,.„ 1883-1886 

Dr. C. C. Somervffle 1886-1896 

Dr. C. L. Davis........,...,..,,...,...,.,,....,.,.,..., .................................1896-1900 

Dr. G. W. Johnson..... 1900-1912 

Dr. G. O. Bullock....,..,....,..,... , 1912-1918 

Dr. J. T. Hairston , 1918-1956 

Dr. David R. Hedgley ......................... ...........1956-1961 

Dr. A. H. McDaniel 1961-1965 

Dr. Wm. M. Wyatt .........1965-1968 

Rev. A. D. Logan 1969-1971 

Dr. C. R. Trotter......... 1971- 


Moderator C. R. Trotter 

1st Vice Moderator E. S. Anderson 

2nd Vice Moderator J. C. Harris 

Executive Secretary David R. Hedgley 

Recording Secretary Theodore Walker, Sr. 

Assistant Secretary C. N. Traynham 

Corresponding Secretary James McCoy 

Treasurer R. J. Howard 

Auditor Quincy Caldwell 

Statistician J. Ray Butler 

Pianist Miss Walteria Mack 



TUESDAY, AUGUST 21, 1973, 1:30 P.M. 

The Ministers' Institute of the Rowan Baptist Association convened with 
the Rising Ebenezer Baptist Church, Winstons-Salem r N. C. on the above date 
With the Reverend Otis L. Hairston presiding. Rev. Hairston led the hymn. 
"Revive Us Again" after which he read the Scripture lesson and offered prayer. 
The hymn "Leaning on the Everlasting Anns" was rendered. The pianist of 
the host church played for the devotional service. 

In the absence of the chairman, Dr. Jerry Drayton, Rev. Hairston presented 
the speaker, Rev. J. D. Ballard to speak from the topic, "The Prophetic Word 
in the Light of Present Situation." The speaker stated that the Old Testament 
prophets were not superstitions crystal ball gazers or fortune tellers, but they 
were FORTH tellers. They were men who spoke for God with authority. They 
Were forewarners of the certainty of divine Judgment on sin— proclaim ers of 
divine ideas. He outlined three categories of prophecy: (1) Retrospective prophecy 
(2) Prospective prophecy, and (3) Redemptive prophecy. 

After reflecting upon positive and negative aspects of our nation, Rev. 
Ballard raised the question, "Where is God's place in all this?" He said Christ 
is viewed today as being beneath culture. In our society today, culture is 
first; Christ is second. On our money is "In God we tfrust," but we spend it 
as we please. We were told that the Christ of Heaven is subjected to the 
prejudices of the earth. Answering the question, "What is the prophetic Word' 
in the light of the present world view," Rev. BaHard declared that the message 
We need today is found in the Old Testament. He then made reference to 
Naaman who, after obeying the advice of the Prophet Eh'sha, was healed of 
leprosy. The prayers and sacrafices of King Solomon in the seventh chapter of 
second Chronicles were refered to as an example of what we need to do- 
today. Emphasis was placed on the verse, "If my people, which are called by 
my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from 
their wicked ways; then will I hear from Heaven, and will forgive their sin ; - 
and will heal their land." 

Expressions of appreciation for the message was made by Rev. Hairston and 
by members of the congregation. 

Following Rev. Ballard, Mr. J. L. Lassiter was presented to speak from 
the topic, The Present Chaotic Situation. In his introduction he said, "You can- 
not build a house unless you have a foundation. For a strong house, you need 
a solid foundation. Refering to Rev. Ballad's message, Mr. Lassiter stated 
that the previous speaker had aheacly offered the type of foundation the 
World needs today— a foundation based on the prophetic Word. He declared 
that if we had heeded such prophecy as contained in the Old Testament we 
Would not be in the chaotic situation we are in today. He stated that the 
nucleus of a chaotic situation was created by man lu'mself as he advanced 
toward what we now call progress. He pictured the evils of segregation and 
discrimination in housing, employment, and in various aspects of life. Alluding 
to the general theme based on Isaiah 62:10, Mr. Lassiter stated that Isaiah 
saw^ a chaotic situation with regard to the captives in Babylon. The prophet 
advised the Jews to prepare the way for the coming of the Messiah— the Savior 
of the world. He said lifting up a standard as advised by Isaiah means showing 
people a better way. We were advised as ministers to speak and act in terms 
of meeting human needs here and now in a reah'stic way since there is no 
more manna falling down from Heaven. He said ministers and Church leaders 
should deal, not ABOVE the people, but WITH or AMONG the people. 
After explaining the difference between Christianity and Church-anity, the 
speaker closed his message with emphasis on improving a chaotic situation by 
application of justice and love, and by exerting influence in voter education. 
He said we must tell the people who is good and who is not good for political 


Rev. Hairston expressed appreciation for the message and permitted a 
period for questions and answers. The two thought provoking messages touched 
off an interesting discussion among the ministers in the audience. 

The moderaor, Rev. C. R. Trotter gave closing remarks and asked that 
•we strive to make this session what the Lord would have it be. 


The Tuesday evening session began at 7:00 p.m. with the moderator, Rev. 
'C. R. Trotter, presiding. Music was furnished by the host church choir. 

Rev. W. C. Hay, speaker for the evening, was presented by the moderator. 
He was accompanied by his choir. The choir sang, T Have A Father "Who Can". 
The Scripture lesson, selected from the sixth chapter of Isaiah, was read by 
Rev. Trotter after which the choir sang, "His Grace Is Sufficient for Me." 

Rev. Hay se'ected as his subject, "The Greatest Need of the Christian 
Ministry." His text was Isiah 6:1-8. The speaker stated that what God brought 
into being man cannot destroy. He centered thoughts around the word, ""ALSO". 
He said if one can claim kinship with a king it would place him in an im- 
portant position— a position of privilege. Sometimes we can get favors on the 
strength of the family name, Isaiah was cousin to the king. The prophet enjoyed 
certain privileges because of his relationship to the king. One day God took 
away the king— the man Isaiah was leaning on. It was then that Isaiah cried, 
"In the year that King Uzziah died I saw ALSO the Lord. Application: "No 
matter how much training a minister may have, he must see the Lord. When we 
see the Lord we can see our selves. To hear from the Lord, one must enter 
the secret closet of prayer. After seeing the Lord, Isaiah cried," "Here am I, 
send me." Refering to himself, the speaker testified, "I ALSO saw the Lord. 
Not only did I see the Lord, but I heard His voice." 

After closing his message, Rev. Hay led the song, "I Have Heard of A City 
Called Heaven." The choir sang, "While the Blood Is Running Warm In Your 
Vein." , 

From the congregation, Mr. Clodfelton of Salisbury led the spiritual, 
""Shepherd, Shepherd, Where Have You Been All Day." Much rejoicing and 
shouting followed the fervent sermon by the Reverend W. C. Hay. 


The offering taken bv Reverends Reid and G. Roland was to the amount of 

10:00 A.M. 

Devotions was led by Rev. S. W. Mack. Following a hymn the Scripture 
lesson was read from Psalms 37:1-8. Prayer was offered by Rev. R. J. Howard. 
The hymn, "Am I Soldier of the Cross" was rendered. 

The moderator took charge of the service and offered opportunity for testi- 
monies. Following the song service and testimonies, it was time for the In* 
spirational Address. 



Rev. C. E. Green 

Rev. Green was accompanied to the pulpit by Rev. R. J. Howard. Rev, 
Howard read the Scripture from St. Luke 10:30-42. The hymn, "By and By 
When the Morning Comes" was rendered. Rev. Howard presented the speaker. 
Rev. Green's subject was "Grease or the Gospel". Text: Luke 10:38. Highlights 
of the message: "At this time Jesus had wrought 23 miracles. He had a house 


but not a home. Having been busy healing the sick, teaching, and having 
raised the dead, Jesus was tired. He stopped by the home of Mary and Martha 
where Martha sought to impress Jesus with her cooking and neatness in the 
home. Mary sat at Jesus' feet and heard his word— the Gospel, One sister was 
concerned about the details of the kitchen; the other more concerned about the 
Gospel. Application: Too often we try to impress people rather than to humbly 
serve. Rev. Green climaxed his message with a beautiful description of 
Heaven as pictured in Revelation. 

Following the sermon the hymn, "Close to Thee" was rendered. 

Then followed the enrollment of messengers and the roll call of churches, 

11;45 A.M. 

1, Publication? Rev. T„ D, Walker, Secretary reported that the Association 
minutes had been printed early this year because of the cooperation of the- 
various auxiliaries in getting their minutes to him in time. He also explained 
that distribution of the Minutes is done in each annual session of each auxiliary,. 

2. Ministers' Institute: Rev. O. L. Hairston reported that the Ministers r 
Institute was very interesting, meaningful, thought provoking, and well attended. 

12:00 Noon 

Following a solo, "Precious Lord Take My Hand", Dr. McDam'el spoke 
from the theme, Foundations For Reconstruction. His text was I Corinthians 
1:16-17. Refering to the theme of the Association he said, "The subject seems 
to be saying that there is something wrong with the present foundations." 
Alluding to the Church, which is built upon a solid foundation, the speaker 
said that the Kingdom of God needs to be extended beyond the walls of the 
church. He said we need to take another look at the Church and seek to 
make the Kingdom of God real within our culture. Calling attention to a state- 
ment in the text in which Paul said, "Christ sent me not to baptize", he 
raised the question, "Can you imagine a Baptist preacher saying, 'Christ sent 
me not to baptize'?" He then explained that the latter part of the verse reads, 
"but to PREACH the Gospel; not of wisdom of words, lest the cross of Christ 
should be made of none effect." Paul's chief concern was PREACHING the 
Gospel. Throughout his message the speaker emphasized the significance and 
power of the Cross. He said men today should listen to hear Christ saying, 
"Behold I stand at the door and knock..." To stand up in these times means 
that we must have something to stand on and know what to stand up for. 
Emphasis was placed on the fact that the Church must tell the world the 
"Good News." Tell the world that God has a plan. God has a way for all of 
us. The Gospel is for the jungles as well as for the palace. 

The message was well received. Singing and prayer followed the sermon. 
The Moderator, Rev. C. R. Trotter expressed appreciation and thanks for the 

Rev. W. C. Hay presented the proposed budget for 1973-74 which was 
accepted by the body. The total amount of the budget was $66,000. 

Dr. A. H. McDaniel, Chairman of the Ordination Council called for a 
meeting of the Council immediately following the morning service. 

2:20 P.M. 

Following the song service led by Rev. S. W. Mack, our guest speaker, 


Mr. Henry D. Cooper, was presented to give the theme address. The theme: 
"Foundations For Reconstruction." 

In his introductory statements, Mr. Cooper stated that we must realize 
that we do have chaos in these times, and that we should seek to remedy the 
situation. He declared that we have Word from the Scriptures to show us the 
way out. He stated that for centuries people have lived basically as we do now 
so far as striving to meet physical, social, and moral needs is concerned, but 
he pointed out many differences between modern methods of meeting needs 
and methods used centuries ago. Leading our minds up through the first 
Industrial Revolution of this nation to the second Industrial Revolution now in 
progress, the speaker showed that in spite of mass production of things to 
meet needs and make life easier, man is plagued with economic, social, and 
mora) problems equal to if not greater than his advancement. 

Reflecting upon behavior steming from the "New Morality" and "situation 
ethics", the speaker said, "It used to be easy to tell when people were treating 
•each other right or wrong. In those days right was right and wrong was wrong 
and every one knew what was what." Concerning technological advancement, he 
said, "Man has become a slave of his own technology." Pointing our paradoxes 
in an independent and rich nation, he said, "Materials we once produced around 
home now come from foreign countries." Concerning preparation for jobs, he 
spoke of large numbers of college graduates facing unemployment, many of 
which turn to crime and some wind up on Welfare rolls. Concerning identity 
problems, he spoke of some American girls from rich families who were found 
"shopping around in different countries trying to find an identity." Hopping 
around the world, these girls wound up in trouble. Mr. Cooper raised the 
question, "Have we who know our identity done anything to help others find 
their identity? He said people who are often told that they are "nobody" seek 
acceptance among others like themselves. 



"As Christians, understanding God's estimate of people, we must develop a 
genuine interest in individuals and their needs, and we must leam to demon- 
strate our love for them. Only then can we win their confidence and lead 
them to a personal experience with Christ. This is why this committee believes 
that every Church should sponsor revival services as often as possible." 

Humbly Submitted, 
Reverends S. L. Hawkins, L. L. Macon, W. E. Samuel, Leroy Smith, S. L. 
Hodges, and S. W. Mack, Chairman. 


"We recommend that the Association give a helping hand to deserving 
members of the Rowan Baptist family. Let us show the spirit of the Good 
Samaritan. We recommend that a donation be given to the following: Rev. 
G. W. Campbell, Rev. G. C. Crawford, Mrs. R. M. Pitts, Mrs. Edna Mason, 
Mrs. Ruth Melton, and Rev. E. J. Love all be given $10.00 each. 

Respectfully submitted. 
Rev. J. A. Floyd, Rev. J. T. Joyce, Rev. Leroy Smith, Rev. T. E. Littlejohn, and 
Rev. G. W. Campbell, Chairman. 

New Churches: 

New churches recommended and accepted by the Association are as 
follows: New Bethel Baptist Church, High Point, N. C, Rev. E. T. Rucker, 
Pastor, United Baptist Church, Kannapolis, N. C, Rev. J. H. Thomas, Pastor 
and Mt. Zion Baptist Church, Concord, N. C, Rev. H. H. Hawldns, Pastor. 

Respectfully Submitted, 

Dr. K. O. P. Goodwin, Chairman, 


Executive Secretary's Summary: 

Number of Bi-Monthly Sessions ..... — ... 4c. 

Number of Churches Answered Bi-monthly Roll Call.. , 51 

Number of Auxiliaries Answered Roll Call 3 

Number of letters mailed ,..„ „......, 890 

AmounJ received through Bi-monthly Sessions $1,932.00 

Amount sent to our objectives through 

Bi-monthly Sessions ...., , ........$1,356.25"' 

Amount given to churches of Bi-monthly Sessions., . ....,..$167.00 

Respectfully submitted, 
D. R. Hedgley, Ex, Sec'y, 


We, your Committee on Resolutions, submit the following report: 

Whereas the pastor and members of the- Rising Ebenezer Baptist Church 
have so cordially entertained the Rowan Baptist Association, 

Be it, therefore, resolved that we express our thanks for every act of 
courtesy and kindness shown, and 

Be it further resolved that a rising vote of thanks be given to the ladies in 
the kitchen and all others whose services offered us comfort and conveniences. 

Respectfully submitted,. 

Rev. L. L. Macon, Chairman, Rev. G. W. Roland, Rev. John Trotman, and 
Mr. Eugene Mintz. 

Committee on Organization: 

Brother Moderator, your Committee on Organization, after prayerful 
consideration, submit the following report: 

1. We recimmend that the present officers succeed themselves for the- 
ensuing year. 

2. After examining the Minutes of 1972 we failed to find the names of 
the Trustees of the Association, and we wish to submit the following as 

(a) We recommend that Rev. E. L. Kirby carry out the unexpired term of 
Rev. Wyatt as Chairman of the Trustee Board. 

(b) Others recommended to the Trustee Board are Rev. Theodore Walker^ 
Rev. K. O. P. Goodwin, Mrs. Prudence Johnson, and Mr. O. L. Williams. 

Officers recommended to succeed themselves are as follows: 

Rev. C. R. Trotter . . Moderator 

Rev. E. S. Anderson... 1st. Vice Moderator 

Rev. J. C. Harris 2nd. Vice Moderator 

Rev. D. R. Hedgley Executive Secretary 

Rev. Theodore Walker... Recording Secretary 

Mr. C. M. Traynham Assistant Recording Secretary- 
Rev. James McCoy Corresponding Secretary 

Rev. R. J. Howard Treasurer 

Rev. Quincy Caldwell Auditor 

Rev. J. Ray Butler , Statistician 

Miss Walteria Mack Pianist 

Respectfully submitted. 

Rev. E. L. Kirby, Chairman, Rev. W. C. Harris, O. P. Hines, Mrs. W. A. Jones, 
Rev. D. D. Mason, and Rev. E. S. Anderson. 




Winston-Salem, N. C. (Members deceased in 1972): Sister Delpbine Morgan, 
Brother George W. Miekle, Brother Roy Sloan, Sister Lufiene Davis, Brother 
Percy Wall, Sister Elizabeth Worthy, Sister Mary Bonds, Brother Cephus 
Grier, Brother Moses Adams, Sister Azah'ne Taylor, Sister Lucy Dillard, 
Brother A. M. Long, Sister Mamie F. Faithful, Sister Nealie Hairston, Brother 
Nathaniel Evans. 


Winston-Salem, N. C: Members deceased in 1972: Miss Ruth Elizabeth Byers. 


Winston-Salem, N. C. (Deceased members from Aug. 5, 1972 - July 31, 1973) 
Harvey Linton, T. Norn's Allen, Mary S. Jones, Leslie D. McClennon, Sr., 
Roxie Howard, Jesse M. Chatman, John Simmons, William M. Nesby, Lonnie 
McCain, Roscoe Wright, Lucile C. Lindsay, Williams Hanes, Martha C. Howard, 
Eva. C. Kenion, Helen S. McClendon, Edith L. Lynch Woods, Beulah 
Thompson, Lucy S. Bradshaw. Non-members: Cyrus Fulp, Ophelia K. Miller. 
Samuel Epperson. 

FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH, TRINITY, N. C. (Members deceased in 1973) 
Sister Viola Thompson. 

ST. LUKE BAPTIST CHURCH, SALISBURY, N. C. (Deceased in 1972) Albert 
Johnson, Ethel Hall. 






Mrs. Annie Henderson, 

FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH, GRAHAM, N. C: Haywood Latham, Mrs. Sarah 
Bland, and Mrs. Sarah Gray, 

Willie Grays, Mr. Thomas Tyson, and Mr. Threadgill. 

France Hill. 

FIRST BAPTIST, BADIN, N. C: Brother Henry Lewis 

ST. STEPHEN BAPTIST CHURCH: Mr. Treadwell, Mrs. E. Fowler, Mrs. I. 

CLARK MEMORIAL, BOONVILLE: Mrs. Mattie Dobson, Mrs. Maggie 



Carr, Walter Mitchell, Charlie Lampkins, Celia Lance, Vivian Byrd, James 

Price, Norman Lee Carr, Reuben Dill, Sr., Linda J. Ware. 


Rev. E. S. Anderson, Rev. G. W. Campbell, Mrs. Ollie B. Kirk, Mrs. Mattie H. 
Dye, Rev. C. R. Clark, Mrs. Celia Packingham, Mr. R. C. Palmer, Mrs. C. H, 
Hawkins, Mrs. Prudence Johnson. 


3:25 P.M. 
Woman's Auxiliary. Mrs, Prudence Johnson, President; 

Woman's Auxiliary 

of the 

Rowan Baptist Association 

Aug. 22, 1973 

Amount Brought forward from July 1972 ,« $ 503.43 

Amt. raised in Dec. 1972 2,626.09 

Rec'd after one day session..... 25.00 

Amt. Deposited in North Western Bank, Statesville, N. C 7,820.20 

Total deposited and brought forward $13,577.72 


To Shaw University..... $ 1,300.00 

Central Orphanage..... 100.00 

Laft Carey Convention 100.00 

Rowan B. Association 200.00 

Woman's Home & Foreign Missionary Con. for 

J. J. Johnson Assembly 4,200.00 

National Convention (Woman's Auxiliary)........, 50.00 

Total Contribution $ 6,150.00 

Operational expenses 569.54 

Amt. brought forward and Deposited $13,577.72 

TOtal disbursement , 7,409.04 

Leaving in treasure in North Western Bank, Statesville, N. C 6,168.68 

Report submitted by Prudence L. Johnson, President 
Sunday School Convention. Mr. G. F. Dalton, President. 

The report of the Sunday School Convention indicated progress and good 
future plans. 

Amount paid for Minutes and Roll Calls $406.00 

Baptist Training Union Convention. Mr. M. C. Murry, President. 

The report of the B.T.U. Convention was favorable and was accepted by 
the Association. 

Total amount paid for the year $79.30 

Ushers Convention. Mr. C. N. Traynham, President. 

A digest of the Ushers' Convention report is as follows: Number of 
general meetings held— 2. Approximate number in attendance— 500. Number of 
Executive meetings held during the year— 1. Attendance— 35. Total finance 
received during the year-$2,389.92. Disbursement during the year-$ 1,562.99. 
Balance in Treasury— $826. 93. General purpose of the auxiliary: Mission 
Education, support of the Rowan Association, and support of Shaw University. 

Things successfully done this year: Sent 6 children to Shaw Institute, 
conducted oratorical contest, and aided the sick. Amount paid for Minutes and 
Roll Call-$300.00. 

Correction: The 1972 Annual session of the Ushers' Convention was the 50th, 
Annual Meeting; the 1973 Annual Session was the 51st. Annual meeting. 



The Memorial Service was conducted by the Reverend W. M. Lea. 
Following the passing in of a list of names of deceased members of churches 
of the Association, the hymn, "Leaning on the Everlasting Arms" was rendered, 


After reading Scripture passages from Job 14:1-14; Job 19:25, and First 
Corinthians 5:1, Rev. Lea began his memorial message with the statement. 
"There is no way around death. We must face it," He called attention to 
the Scripture verse which reads, "And as it is appointed unto men once to 
die, but after this the judgment." We were reminded that Job raised the 
question, "If a man die shall he live again?" Implying that we shall live again 
through Christ, the speaker advised that we should settle this matter with 
God about death. He said Jesus answered Job's question when He said, "I 
am the Resurrection and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were 
■dead, yet shall he live." 

Following the comforting message the hymns, "Solid Rock", and "Well 
Done" were rendered. 

4:30 P.M. - REPORTS 

Reports from the Treasurer and Auditor were received and adopted. 
Report of the Ordination Council: 

Rev. A. H. McDaniel, Chairman of the Ordination Council stated that 
he is glad that the Church still has appeal to young men to enter the ministry. 
He reported that four young men out of six were recommended for ordination 
during this session. He then requested that the Ordination sermon be preached 
Thursday at 3:15 P.M. by Dr. K. O. P. Goodwin. The request was granted. 

Concerning new churches, the Moderator made it known that any church 
desiring to become a member of the Rowan Baptist Association should sub- 
mit an application in writing. 

At this time a letter from the Governor of North Carolina was read in 
reply to a letter written TO the Covemor from the Rowan Association last 



At 7:30 P.M. the song service was led by Rev. S. W. Mack. Songs rendered 
were, "Lift Him Up" and "When We All Get to Heaven." The second Vice 
Moderator, Rev. J. C. Harris was in charge of the service. Rev. Harris presented 
the host pastor, Rev. Quincy Caldwell who expressed his gratitude and happi- 
ness in having the 107th. Annual Session of the Rowan Baptist Association 
convene at his church. The pastor then presented the local Welcome Program. 

The choir sang, "Give Me A Clean Heart". For the Scripture lesson Psalm 
119 was read and prayer was offered by Mrs. Lillie Carrigan. The choir sang, 
"We've Come This Far By Faith." Welcome to the city was given by Mayor 
Franklin R. Shirley who expressed pleasure in having the Association convene 
in Winston-Salem. He stated that he felt that he was among friends, that he 
loves the Lord, and that he enjoyed the music by the choir. Welcome in 

behalf of the ciy schools was offered by the assistant principal, Mr 

.. Selection: "It Is Well With My Soul." Welcome in behalf of the 

ministers was given by Rev. B. H. Bonham. Welcome by the host church was 
given by the pastor, Rev. Quincy Caldwell. 


(Full text) 

Mr. Vice Moderator, the official staff, my fellow brothers and sisters in 
Jesus Christ, and our visiting friends: Greetings on this our 107th. birthday. 

As we come to the great twin city, Winston-Salem, we thank pastor Quincy 
Caldwell and the good people of the Rising Ebenezer Baptist Church for inviting 
us to hold this 1973 Session in their midst. We appreciate very deeply, your 
most generous welcome. We shall assure you that we shall deport ourselves 
as becometh Christian brothers and sisters. 


The Rowan Baptist Association has come a long way from the days of its 
conception and organization in 1877 in a hospital at Salisbury, N. C, which 
was afterward purchased by the Eaptists there, and was organized as the 
Dixonville Baptist Church. (Now First Calvary Baptist Church) The Reverends 
Harry Cowan, Z. Horton (Haughton) and Cumbe Ellis were the ministers 
present in the organization. Rev. Harry Cowan was the first Moderator. Rev. 
Z. Horton and John Washington followed in order. To date seventeen brothers 
have presided over this great body during its illustrious years. 

A few Sundays ago, the death angel called from labor to reward our 
fifteenth Moderator, Dr. William McKinley Wyatt. He also served as clerk 
of this organization longer than any other person: and he was perhaps more 
informed about this Association than any one else. He was a unique personality. 
Our Rowan Family has suffered a keen loss in his home going. Appropriate 
memorial services will be given in this session at the proper time. Our other 
fallen saints will also be memorialized. 

We are fortunate to have with us two other former moderators: Dr. 
David R. Hedgley, and Dr. A. H. McDaniel. 

May I take this opportunity to say a word of appreciation to all my co- 
workers in the Rowan Family. There has been mainfested among us a very 
fine "Christian Spirit", for the most part this year. My sincere prayer is that it 
will continue to be so. Thanks goes to Mrs. Frank Dalton and all of his fine 
workers as they head our Education work of our Association. Our Woman's 
Auxiliary is progressing under the leadership of Sister Prudence Johnson and her 
fine staff. The same can be said of the ushers work with Mr. Traynham as 
pilot. The various leaders of our auxiliaries could do but little were it not for 
the great host of loyal workers in the respective churches. I wish to salute 
you wherever you are for your prayers that have gone up to God for the 

As we gather in our 107th session, I do not have to tell you, my fellow 
brethren in the ministry, that you have been called to "Serve the Lord Christ" 
at one of the most difficult epochs in the annals of time. This is reflected in 
almost every area of society: social, political, economic, and religious. This 
nation stands in the midst of one of the most degrading scandals in its long 
history, called the "Watergate". Our social values seem to be going to pieces. 
Our economists seem not to be able to get the economy in balance. Our buying 
power is far weaker than our essential needs. One month we have more wheat, 
grain, and bread than we know what to do with and in another month or so 
we do not have enough to feel the hungry. 

As Jesus Christ is the Great Shepherd of the sheepfold, and has led 
His people in all generations and under many trying circumstances, may those 
who preach His Word listen to His voice for a sense of direction in these 
our times. It is our prayer that we may be able to call men back to God 
before America will have passed like Israel, Judah, and ancient Rome, into 
the cemetery of dead civilizations. 

Whenever the time approaches for a preacher to deliver an address, few 
are so prepared. By nature and by calling we are first of all, "PREACHERS 
OF THE WORD." Paul said to the church at Corinth, "For though I preach 
the gospel, I have nothing to glory of: for necessity is laid upon me; yea, woe 
is me, if I preach not the gospel!" 

So, permit me to submit a few recommendations at this point in my 

Recommendation # 1; Christian Commitment. In an age and time when 
the foundation stone on which our society is built seems to be cracking and 
crumbling, may we make an urgent appeal to pastors, preachers, and laymen 
to rededicate the total personality to Jesus our Lord. As Jesus taught on the 
sermon on the mount, "You are like salt for all mankind. But if salt loses its 
taste, there is no way to make it salty again. It has become worthless; so it is 
thrown away and people walk on it. You are like light for the whole world. 


A city built on a hill cannot be hid. Nobody lights a lamp to put it under a 
bowl; instead he puts it on a lamp-stand where it gives light for every one 
in the house. In the same way your light must shine before people, so they 
will see the good things you do and give praise to your Father in Heaven." 

Paul says: "God was in Christ personally reconciling the world to Himself— 
not continuing their sins against them— We are Christ's ambassadors, as though 
Christ were appealing direct to you through us." (II Cor. 5:19) 

Recommendation # 2: Polity and Practice of Church in the Baptist De- 
nomination. Generally speaking, there are four main types of church govern- 
ment: Papalor rule by a pope; Episcopalor rule by a Bishop; Presbyterian 
which means "that form of government which invests presbyters, or elders, 
with all spiritual power and admits no prelates over them." 

The fourth type of Church government of which Baptists ascribe is Con- 
gregational. This form is controlled by a majority vote of the church member- 
ship, It has come to my attention in the past few years that in some cases a 
minority of deacons or trustees have usurped authority of the majority. This is 
contrary to the democratic process. Baptist churches will be in bad condition 
as long as this type of conduct is practiced. We must remember that a church 
is the sanctification of the Holy Spirit here on earth. 

We recommend wherever possible and feasible, that our churches adopt 
constitutions for the protection of the honor of the church, as well as the 

Recommendation # 3: For a number of years it was in the minds and 
hearts of our women to erect a camp for youth. This project materialized to 
the point of the purchase of certain land in Mocksville community. W 7 hen it 
was first felt that such an undertaking was more than this Association could 
wisely handle, and when the Reverend J. J. Johnson donated to the Baptist 
Home and Foreign Missionary Convention of North Carolina fifty acres for such 
a project, our women, with the endorsement of the body, said that our 
Auxiliary would erect a chapel in honor of the Hairston and Mason's families 
who had worked in that direction. We encourage our churches to help these 
women with their project. 

The Commission on Program for 1973 has given us a very pertenant 
theme. They have called to our attention a very challenging text. As you have 
already been made aware by our scheduled speakers: "Foundations for Re- 

For the next several minutes, I would like to share with you some ob- 
servations of this Scripture. "Go through, go through the gates; prepare ye 
the way for the people; cast up, cast up the highway; gather out the stones; 
lift up a standard for the people." Most scholars agree that these are the 
words of Second or Third Isaiah. Regardless to who the writer might be, the 
circumstances of the text is quite clear. As you may recall, the children of 
Israel had been taken into Babylonian captivity. On three different occasions, 
first in 598 B.C. about 3,026 Jews; again in 586 about 832 Jews, and finally 
in 582 about 745 persons were depoted. We are told that Nebuchadnezzar, 
king of Babylon, led a seige himself. Not only was the physical side of Judah 
under attact, but her very moral side also. Perhaps the best description of 
what was going on inside the people was described by the psalmist in Psalm 
137: "By the rivers of Babylon, there we sat down, yea, we wept when we 
remembered Zion. We hanged our harps upon the willows in the midst thereof. 
For they that carried us away captive required of us a song; and they that 
wasted us required of us mirth, saying: Sing us one of the songs of Zion. 

How shall we sing the Lord's song in a strange land? 

If I forget thee, O Jerusalem, let my right hand forget her cunning. 

If I do not remember thee, let my tongue cleave to the roof of my mouth; 
if I prefer not Jerusalem above my chief joy." 

The 62nd. chapter of Isiah is a poem addressed to a down-trodden people. 

The thrust of the message is: "For Zion's sake I will not rest until her 


vindication goes forth as brightness, and her salvation as a burning torch. 

The nations shall see your vindication, and all the kings your glory; and? 
you shall be called by a new name which the mouth of the Lord give." 

You shall no more be termed forsaken and your land shall no more be 
termed Desolate; 

But you shall be called My delight is in her." 

Go through, go through the gates, prepare the way for the people; 
build up, build up the highway; clear if of stones, 

lift up an ensign over the people." 

The King James version says, "Lift up a standard for the people." May 
I say it in my own language: Lift up goals for the people; lift up rules for 
the people to go by; build foundations for the people. The nations that don't 
recognize foundations will be short lived. In the midst of world shaking 
events, have we not dug our own graves as nations and as individuals? For 
I hear the prophet say, "The nation that forgets God shall perish. Another 
prophet said that her sun will go down at noon day. 

The writer of this passage presents for us a situation where the very 
foundation for their natural life had been destroyed. I am told that before 
the out side of a building shall colapse, the inside has already fallen. As 
we see the conditions of our world, we can see that something has fallen on 
the inside. This was true with ancient Israel and Judah. It was true with 
ancient Rome, and it is true with America today. Industrial growth, and the 
building of great factories do not necessarily build better nations. It takes 
the building of character, and the building of honesty to build better worlds. 
Character is just what we are. 

We may not wish to confess it, but our nation, like ancient Israel, has 
almost come to the point where we do not have any standards, Our moral 
foundation is almost destroyed. Our homes are in bad shape, the external forms 
of our churches are tumbling. We have a form of religion, but little or no 
sincerity. Yesterday, in our ministers' conference, the present situation was 
laid on our hearts: the problem of alcohol is in the forefront among us, dope 
of various kinds plague our youth, and we can see dishonesty and graft in 
high places. Watergate is a disgrace that our affluent society will not soon 
live down. In a revival last week, I used a theme, "The First Watergate." In 
that message I said the crux of man's trouble is human nature— the human will. 

Let us consider briefly three prepositions: 


We usually think of standards as those accepted rules of practice. In 
almost every area of life, man has built certain guidelines. For instance 5280 
feet equals one mile; twelve inches equal one foot; and three feet equal one 
yard. For the building industry, there are building codes. Such is true of 
all our ways of life. We are having a hard time now with standards. Yes, 
it is difficult to scet people to even trv to hve up to standards. 

Much trouble comes from the fact that too many people do not regard 
standards. There is too much destroying of long established standards in our 
society today. Listen to the words of the psalmist: (Ps. 11:3) "If the foundations 
be destroyed, what can the righteous do?" 

There is a reference in the book of Judges about the fact that there were 
no standards and the people did as they pleased. Is this not our present clay 
plight? Our present day situation is the result of a lack of standards yester- 
day. This weakness is reflected in our individual lives. In recent years we have 


gotten a generation of church members without Christian standards. In the 
church today, it is difficult to find genuine Christians. Church members will 
not be any better until we have Christian concepts and convictions. 

When I use the word "standard" I mean Christian ideals, Christian atti- 
tudes, Christian motives. These are foundation principles which are lacking in 
our present day society. 

Larence C. Little, one of our outstanding scholars in the field of Christian 
Education was written a book titled, "Foundation for A Philosophy of Christian 
Education." We must have a philosophy of life— a Christian philosophy. As a 
man thinketh in his heart so is he. 

In proposition number 2 I stated thet THE CHRISTIAN CHURCH MUST 
point I wish to address myself to the formation of Christian concepts and goals. 
Many of our present day youth have been exposed to poor foundations. 
Since World War II, there seems to have been a gradual decline in the moral 
conduct of our world. Standards of conduct which were accepted when many 
of us were children seem to have collapsed. Many of our debased concepts we 
hold today were built in our character when we were children. The same is true 
of good concepts. 

If the people who are called by "MY NAME" do not stop and do some- 
thing about today's chaotic situation who will? The prophet Isaiah said, "Hear, 
O Heavens, and give ear, O earth: for the Lord has spoken. I have nurished 
and brought up children, and they have rebelled against me." 

The ox knoweth his owner, and the ass his master's crib: Israel does 
not know; my people do not consider . . . 

Ah, sinful nation, a people laden with iniquity, a seed of evil doers, child- 
ren that are corrupters: they have forsaken the Lord; they have provoked 
the Holy One of Israel unto anger, they are gone away backward . . . 

Your country is desolate, your cities are burned with fire: your land, 
strangers devour it in your presence, and it is desolate as overthrown by 
strangers . . . 

Except the Lord of host had left unto us a very small remnant, we should 
have been as Sodom, and we should have been as Gomorah." 

I contend that the trouble with the world is in the will of man. We 
must work on the inside of man wherein resides his will. If we get the head 
and heart of man fixed he will be alright. The Church must cry aloud from 
the pulpit and from the house top. 

IN POSITIVE EXTERNAL STANDARDS. I am saying that our present day 
action is the result of yesterday's training. We are behaving according to 
what resides within us. Isaiah sees a down trodden people seemingly without 
a sense of direction to get back to Zion and Jerusalem. In 1973, I see a nation 
called America which has lost its way back to Jerusalem. I see people in 
our churches who have lost their way back to Zion. I see a kingdom called 
the Kingdom of God where God the Father ever reigns and scatters the night 

When I was a boy down in graded school, we used to sing a song, "He 
is tramping out the vengence where the grapes of wrath is stored . . . His 
truth is marching on." 

May I say in conclusion, my brother ministers, hold up the standard 
of Jesus Christ. Yes, hold it high! Though they may put you in the lion's den 
like they did Daniel of old, Say "my God is able to deliver me." May I say, 
Brother deacons, hold up the standard! Sunday School co-workers, hold up 
the standard! The Woman's Missionary Auxiliary, hold up the standard! The 
Ushers' Conventions and Christians everywhere, hold up the standards of 
Jesus Christ! Amen. 


Following the Moderator's address^ tlie congregation sang, "Onward 
Christian Soldier. A motion was made and carried that the address and: 
recommeciatiuns be received with thanks, and that the address be printed hi! 
full in the Minuies. OFFERING: Amt. $147.21. 


August 23 

At 9:30 A. M. the song sendee was led by the song leader, Rev. S. W- 
Mack. At 9:45 A.M. the Inspirational Message was delivered by Rev. R. S. 
Geiger. In his introduction he asked, "Are you wise enough to build upon 
Christ, the Solid Rock?" He centered his message around thoughts of the 
commited life. Reference was made to the commited life of the prophet 
Isaiah who advised the Children of Israel in times of crisis. He advised that 
if we are to build foundations for reconstruction we must give our lives to God, 


Following the roll call the Executive Secretary, Rev. D. R. Hedgley in- 
formed the body that he sent out letters to 95 churches. He stated that 90 
churches supported the Association this year. 

A motion was made and carried that letters be sent to non-contributing 
churches asking them to support the Association. The Executive Secretary was 
asked to send a copy of the "Church Letter" to each church and to leave the 
letter out of the printed Minutes. 


By diis time reports of commissions had been made and accepted. 


The eleven o'clock sermon was delivered by the Secretary, Rev. T. D, 
Walker. His subject was, "FROM WATERGATE TO PEARLY GATE". His 
text was taken from Isaiah 62:10. He usee! an associate text from Revelation 
21:12, and verse 21. In his introduction he stated that the purpose of his 
message is to show that when man fin 's himself in a crisis or in a chaotic- 
situation he should seek remedy through divine guidance and get out of the 
situation . . . WATERGATE was offered as an example. 

He explained that the text from Isaiah, like other passages before it, 
refers to the deliverance of the Jews from Babylon, and the great redemption 
wrought by Jesus Christ, and the proclaiming of Gospel grace and liberty 
through Him. The associate text shows day-break on a new world in which 
there is a new Jerusalem. This new world with a perfect social order shall be 
inhabited by the saints of God. 

Making the text applicable to our times, he refered to the Watergate 
scandal as an evil situation to get away from through divine guidance. 

Concerning the pearly gates, he said, "I do not speak of the pearly gates in 
the sense of the 'pie in the sky' tradition, but I refer to the city of pearly- 
gates as an ideal position in the realm of God's kingdom to move toward or 
strive for here and now. We should always seek to move from bad to better 
and from better to best. 

Reference was made to the negative moral climate of our nation. Factors 
contributing to a bad moral climate, according to the speaker, were such evils 
as violence upon which this nation was founded, crimes and violence committed 
in the name of national security, more love for THTNGS than for people, more 
emphasis on being American-like than on being Christ-like, the condoning of 
pornography and lewdness in entertainment, and the cheapening of life through 
subtle practices of genocide. 

Attention was called to the message that comes through to us from the 
WATERGATE problems. Watergate confirms the certainty of the justice of 


Cod. It tells us, "Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man 
soweth that shall he also reap." It tells us that GOD IS STILL ON HIS 
THRONE. It tells us, "They have sown the wind; they shall reap the whirlwind." 

Means for getting away from WATERGATE type evils was offered. It 
was advised that we should do as Isaiah advised the Israelits to do in the text: 
Rise up from captivity of sin and go through the gates to freedom in Christ, 
Prepare a way of righteousness for people to follow and let up a standard of 

Best of all, strive to be citizens of that city of perfection and beauty as 
described in Revelation wherein is perfect honesty, eternal duration, and truly 

An appropriate hymn was rendered following the message. Then Rev. 
Styles, Pastor of First Baptist Church, Burlington was recognized. He promised 
support from his church. 

12:00 Noon— Adjournment for Lunch 


2;00 P.M. 

At 2:00 P.M. the song service was conducted by the song leader, Rev. 
S. W. Mack. The Moderator, Rev. C. R. Trotter presided. Rev. Trotter made 
a correction concerning the Wednesday night offering. He said the offering 
was $147.00 instead of $104.00 as previously reported. 


Appropriation Committee: 

The Appropriation Committee was made by Rev. O. L. Hairston. The 
amount recommended was a total of $3,166.00. The report was accepted by 
the body. (See detail report page 30) 

Reports from the Committee on Resolutions and the Committee on Love 
Gifts were accepted. 

Following committee reports Rev. Macon suggested that something should 
be done about Rev. Kirby's suggestion that we have some type of revival 
within the Rowan family. When asked what he had in mind, Rev. Kirby said 
he had noticed that at times the Spirit gets high during preaching services 
which means that something is happening spiritually. He said this used to be a 
"PREACHING" Association. When it was such, the people came. It was 
finally agreed that this matter be turned over to the Evangelistic Committee, 
Rev. S. W. Mack, Chairman. 

At 2:45 P.M. Rev. Leo Williams brought greetings from the General 
Baptist State Convention. 


At 3:15 P.M. an Ordination Service was conducted with the Reverend 
K. O. P. Goodwin preaching the Ordination sermon. Following hymn singing 
and Scripture reading, Dr. Goodwin spoke from the subject, "THE POWER 
OF IDEAS." Scripture basis for his discourse came from the first chapter 
of St. John beginning with verse one. Emphasis was placed on verse 12. 

To the young ministers present for ordination, the speaker said, "Young 
men, if you have not been posessed or overwhelmed by the idea of God you 
cannot make it. The power of the idea of God in the hands of men can be 
very effective. Man's mind possed with ideas was the first computer. Just as 
man programs the computer, God, in a sense, programs man's mind through 
man's willingness to 'let this mind be in you which is in Christ Jesus.' " The 
speaker said, "The White man tries to put the Black man in Iris place', but 
God puts His believers in the RIGHT place. God has a place for us that is 
redemptive. The blood of Jesus must be placed on the door post of the heart. 
If you think right you will act right." 


The speaker declared that when David said, "My heart is fixed", God was 
moving in his mind. The power of the Idea of God was there. He said the 
intent of the soul is to go back home to God. He advised the young ministers: 
"Pray until God talks back to you. The power of the idea of God must sanctify 
things man use including sex. To be a minister you must help; to be a preacher 
you must proclaim. The power of the idea of God must possess you. With the 
idea of God in your heart, you will do what He says do, say what He tells 
you to say, and go where He says go. You must share God with people through 
the Gospel — through witnessing for Him." 


Following the sermon by Dr. G. O. P. Goodwin, the hymn book was 
presented, to the ministers by Rev. Betts who admonished the young ministers 
to exemplify Christ in their lives. He advised that it is essential that they accept 
the advice contained in Dr. Goodwin's message. He emphasized Christ's com- 
mand, "Go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature . . ." 
The speaker said he has been preaching for 54 years and he is yet a student 
in the college of God. 

Rev. J. C. Harris presented the Bible. In his charge to them he said, 
"You have become a target. Whatever you do, don't be accused of not 
preaching. When you are lonely, heartbroken, or discouraged, take that book— 
The Bible and follow its teachings." 

Rev. D. D. Mason offered the ordination prayer. After certificates were 
presented the service closed with the singing of the hymn, "I'm A Soldier of 
'"he Cross." 

Ministers ordained were as follows: Brother Rufus Wyatt of Buncombe 
Baptist Church, Lexington, N. C, Brother Clay Vance Fulton of Oak Grove 
Baptist Church, Walkertown, Brother Eugene Perry of First Baptist Church, 
Burlington, and Brother Benjamin F. Tandy of United Metropolitan Baptist 
Church, Winston-Salem, N. C. 





AUGUST 22-23, 1973 

Representation Fee , .......$2,319.15 

(Persona! Donatons — Rev. J. C. Huntley and Rev. B. M. Summers — Included) 

Rowan Sunday School Convention 236.50 

Minutes - $186.50 - Rep. Fee - $50.00 

Rowan Baptist Training Union — Minutes 79.30 

Usher's Convention — Contribution and Minutes , 300.00 

Minister's Institute 50.00 

Shaw University 140.00 

Churches: $ 

Foreign Missions 35.00 

Home Mission 15.00 

Foreign Mission to be sent to Lott Carey Convention..... 25.00 

(Rep. Fee) 

Wednesday Night Offering 147.22 

Grand Total $3,347.17 

Respectfully Submitted, 

Finance Committee 

Mrs. Hazel Thompson 

Mrs. Joan Bishop 

Mrs. Addie M. Neal, Chairman 




AUGUST 22. 1972, AUGUST 21, 1973 


Brought forward from August 22, 1972 to August 21, 1973 $ 593.33 

Received from Annual Session 1972 3,131.04 

Received from Bi-Monthly and One Day Association 1,160.00 

Received from Churches 345.00 

Received from Sunday School Convention for 1972 Minutes 120.00 

Received from Woman's Auxiliary to the Association 200.00 

Grand Total ........$5,549.37 


Mission and Education 

Shaw University $ 700.00 

General Baptist State Convention of North Carolina 1,053.50 

Lott Carey Baptist Foreign Mission Convention 300.00 

Central Orphanage of North Carolina 300.00 

Forsyth Baptist Mission Fellowship 100.00 

Grand Total .....$2,453.00 

Operational Expenses 

Clay Printing Co. for Minutes $ 859.47 

Clay Printing Co. for Programs 42.30 

Mrs. Colistia Glenn for typing 25.00 

Atlantic Envelop Co. for stationary 12.40 


U. S. Post Office Postages 64.00 

Davie County Tax Department 32.00 

Mrs. Addie M. Neal, Chr. of Finance Committee......... 30.00 

Mr. Samuel Shore Committee Work 10.00 

Mrs. Kathleen Montgomery Committee Work 10.00 

Rev. W. C. Hay Committee Work 10.00 

Clay Printing Co. for Minutes 42.00 

Rev. W. M. Wyatt, Chr. of Trustee Board 20.00 

Saint Paul Baptist Church (Mimeograph Paper and Stencils) 9.10 

Wachovia Bank for Check Books 2.50 

Grand Total .$1,168.77 

Love Gifts 

Rev. G. C. Crawford..... $ 10.00 

Rev. C. W. Campbell 10.00 

Mrs. R. M. Pitts 10.00 

Mrs. Edna Mason 10.00 

Mrs. Ruth Melton 10.00 

Rev. E. J. Love — Special Donation 56.65 

Grand Total 1$ 106.65 


Rev. C. R. Trotter Moderator $ 200.00 

Rev. E. S. Anderson First Vice Moderator 50.00 

Rev. J. C. Harris Second Vice Moderator......... 25.00 

Rev. Theodore Walker Recording Secretary 175.00 

Mr. C. N. Trynham Assistant Repording Secretary..... 50.00 

Rev. D. R. Hedgley Executive Secretary 175.00 

Rev. A. H. McDaniel Chr. of Ordanation Council 20.00 

Rev. G. O. P. Goodwin Song Leader 30.00 

Miss Walteria Mack Organist..... , 20.00 

Rev. J. Z. Alexander Guest Speaker 30.00 

R. J. Howard, Treasurer. 100.00 

Rev. Quincey Caldwell, Auditor 10.00 

Total .$ 885.00 

Ministers Institute 

Rev. Jerry Drayton, Chr. Ministers Institute $ 10.00 

Rev. O. L. Hairston, Director of Ministers Institute 10.00 

Rev. John Trtrman, Institute Speaker 10.00 

Rev. W. L. Yates, Guest Speaker 20.00 

Rev. J. L. McDaniel, Sermon 10.00 

Total $ 60.00 

Bi-Monthly and One Day Session 

Rev. C. E. Green Sermon 10.00 

Rev. W. M. Wyatt, Discussing What Baptist Believe 7.00 

Rev. T. E. Littlejohn, Sermon 10.00 

Rev. Charles Blackeny, Sermon 10.00 

Rev. J. Rav Butler, Discussing What Baptist Believe 7.00 

Rev. F. D. Betts, Sermon 10.00 

Total $ 54.00 








WINSTON-SALEM, N. C 1,577.34 

GRAND TOTAL OF ALL MONEY. ..........$2,398.79 

Respectfully Submitted 
R. J. Howard 


Proposed Budget for 1973-74 

Total Receipts $66,000.00 

To be sent directly to Baptist Headquarters from Individual 

Churches $61,000.00 

To be sent from Rowan Treasury for objectives: 

Shaw University 1,000.00 

State Missions 550.00 

Lott Carey Foreign Missions 550.00 

N. C. Central Orphanage 350.00 

Missionary Baptist Fellowship 125.00 


Moderator's office and honorarium , 200.00 

First Vice Moderator honorarium..... 50.00 

Second Vice Moderator honorarium 25.00 

Recording Secretary honorarium 175.00 

Assistant Recording Secretary honorarium 50.00 

Treasurer's office and honorarium 100.00 

Executive Secretary Honorarium 175.00 

Bi-Monthly Sessions 150.00 

Chairman Ordination Council 20.00 

Chairman of Trustee Board 20.00 

Song Leader 30.00 

Tianist 20.00 

Commission Expenses 100.00 

Committee Work 60.00 

Benevolence and Love Gifts 200.00 

Printing Minutes and Programs 1,000.00 

TOTAL $66,000.00 

Respectfully submitted, Reverends W. C. Hay, Q. A. Caldwell, G. C. 
Crawford, J. R. Butler, B. M. Summers, D. R. Hedgley, and Rev. Eli McEachern 



Anderson Grove, Greensboro, Rev. E. S. Anderson, Pastor $ 75.00 

Bethlehem, High Point, Rev. J. W. Reed, Pastor 35.00 

Beulah, Madison, Rev. Eli McEachern, Pastor 35.00 

Beulah, Concord, Rev. Charles Blakeney, Pastor 65.00 

Buncombe, Lexington, Rev. S. W. Mack, Pastor 25.00 

Clark Memorial, Boonville, Rev. T. R. Orr, Pastor 40.00 

Calvary, High Point, Rev. J. E. Trotman, Pastor 40.00 

Clifton Grove, High Point, Rev. D. W. Kindle, Pastor 15.00 

Dreamland Park, Winston-Salem, Rev. J. A. Floyd, Pastor 25.00 

Emmanuel, Winston-Salem, Rev. S. W. Mack, Pastor 35.00 


Ebenezer, Greensboro, Rev. W. L. Gladney, Pastor 60.00' 

Faith United, High Point, Rev. B. C. McCaskill, Pastor ..... 25.00 

First Baptist, New London, Rev. G. V. Lewis, Pastor 47.00 

First Baptist, Badin, Rev. S. V. Wells, Pastor „ 45.00 

First Baptist Winston-Salem, Rev. D. R. Hedgley, Pastor .. 565.00 

First Baptist, Trinity, Rev. J. Mason, Pastor 30.00 

First Baptist, Lexington, Rev. B. F. Daniels, Pastor 40.00 

First Calvary, Salisbury, Rev. T. D. Walker, Pastor. . 110.00 

Friendship, Lexington, Rev. H. B. Waiters, Pastor 50.00 

First Emmanuel, High Point, Rev. D. D. Mason, Pastor 110.00 

First Baptist, Statesville, Rev. J. C. Harris, Pastor...... 75.00 

First Baptist, High Point, Rev. F. L. Andrews, Pastor... 50.00 

First Baptist, Graham, Rev. C, R. Trotter, Pastor......... 110.00 

First Baptist, Reidsville, Rev. E. M. Brown, Pastor 40.00 

First Baptist, Kannapolis, Rev. J. H. Thomas, Pastor........ 130.00 

First Calvaiy, Lexington, Rev. J. I. Hargraves, Pastor 60.00 

Files Chapel, Lexington, Rev. F. D. Betts, Pastor 30.00 

Galilee, Winston-Salem, Rev. W. C. Hay, Pastor 65.00 

Goodwill, Lexington, Rev. R. Q. Allen, Pastor..... 20.00 

Gethsemane, Salisbury, Rev. Michael McLean, Pastor 70.00 

Holy Trinity, Winston-Salem, Rev. R. Fowler, Pastor 15.00 

Harshaw Grove, Randleman, Rev. Jos. Evans, Pastor 30.00 

Henderson Grove, Salisbury, Rev. E. E. Bailey, Pastor 30.00 

Jerusalem, Spencer, (No Pastor) 45.00 

Liberty Hill, High Point, Rev. W. M. Turner, Pastor. 13.00 

Mars Hill, Winston-Salem, Rev. E. W. Samuels, Pastor 35.00 

Macedonia, Salisbury, Rev. Leroy Smith, Pastor 39.00 

Mt. Moriah, Pinnacle, Rev. E. W. Samuels, Pastor 10.00 

Mt. Zion, Salisbury, (No Pastor) 130.00 

Mt. Olive, Salisbury, Rev. T. E. Littlejohn, Pastor 35.00 

Mt. Olive, Winston-Salem, Rev. W. C. Rogers, Pastor. 25.00 

Mt. Sinai, Eden, Rev. R. S. Geiger, Pastor 120.00 

Mt. Zion, Albemarle, Rev, J. C. Robinson, Pastor 85.00 

Mt. Zion, Concord, Rev. H. H. Hawkins, Pastor 15.00 

Mt. Zion, Winston-Salem, Rev. K. O. P, Goodwin, Pastor 75.00 

Mt. Vernon, High Point, Rev. F. O. Bass, Pastor 25.00 

New Bethel, Mocksville, Rev. W. M. Adams, Pastor 25.00 

New Hope, New London, Rev. Joe McDaniel, Pastor 25.00 

New Hope, Winston-Salem, Rev. S. L. Hodges, Pastor 65.00 

New Shepherd, Coolemee, Rev. J. C. Harris, Pastor 35.00 

New Zion, Salisbury, Rev. Leroy Smith, Pastor 85.65 

New Smith Grove, Lexington, Rev. Charles Green, Pastor 10.00 

New Zion, Winston-Salem, Rev. I. C. Carter, Pastor. 31.00 

Oak Grove, Walkertown, Rev. I. I. Antiiony, Pastor 90.00 

Oak Grove, China Grove, Rev. C. H. Hawkins, Pastor 30.00 

Providence, Kernersville, Rev. S. L. Fogle, Pastor 25.00 

Parkers Grove, New London, Rev. G. W. Roland, Pastor 50.00 

Piney Grove, Winston-Salem, Rev. J. T. Joyce, Pastor..... 25.00 

Rising Ebenezer, Winston-Salem, Rev. Quincy Caldwell, Pastor 75.00 

Rising Star, Walnut Cove, Rev. D. R. Hedgley, Pastor 25.00 

Providence, Greensboro, Rev. Howard Chubbs, Pastor 50.00 

Second New Bethel, Wins ton- Sal em, Rev. W. D. Terry, Pastor 25.00 

Shiloh, Greensboro, Rev. O. L. Hairston, Pastor 75.00 

Shiloh, Winston-Salem, Rev. J. Ray Butler, Pastor 140.00 

Shady Grove, East Spencer, Rev. John Gaston. Pastor 42.50 

St. Luke, Salisbury, Rev. W. C. Wilkerson, Pastor 25.00 

St. Paul, Eden, Rev. R. J. Howard, Pastor 33.00 

St. Stephens, Winston-Salem, Rev. J. R. Samuels, Pastor 100.00 



Springfield, Eden, Rev. W. M. Lea, Pastor 40.00 

Temple Memorial, High Point, Rev. L. L. Macon, Pastor 100.00 

United Baptist, Kannapolis, Rev. J. H. Thomas, Pastor 25.00 

Union, Lexington, Rev. J. L. Stowe, Pastor ................................................ 17.00 

Union, Winston-Salem, Rev. A. H. McDaniel, Pastor 40.00 

United. Institutional, Greensboro, Rev. C. W. Anderson, Pastor 25.00 

Waughtown, Winston-Salem, Rev. E. L. Grant, Pastor 35.00 

West End, Reidsville, Rev. Alexander Shaw, Pastor 50.00 

Yadkin Grove, Salisbury, Rev. J. L. Stowe, Pastor 30.00 

Zion, Reidsville, Rev. E. L. Kirby, Pastor 75.00 

Ushers' Convention, Mr. Coy Trayriham, President 300.00 

Woman's Auxiliary, Mrs. Prudence Johnson, President 200.00 

Sunday School Convention, Mr. G. F. Dalton, President 406.00 

Baptist Training Union Convention, Mr. M. C. Murray, President 79.30 

Rev. B. M. Summers 5.00 


Badin, N. C. 
Mrs. Ollie B. Kirk 
P. O. Box 56 
fesse L. Kirk 
P. O. Box 56 
Mrs. Anna Patterson 
P. O. Box 205 

Burlington, N. C. 
Rev. Eugene E. Perry 
606 Rosenwald St. 
Rev. Richard Styles 
601 Apple St. 
Mrs. Clay V. Fulton 
2417 Church St. 

Charlotte, N. C. 
Rev. S. V. Wells 

Coolemee, N. C. 

Mrs. Prudence Johnson 

P. O. Box 51 

Mrs. Zeola Walker, Rte. 4 

Eden, N. C. 

Mrs. Marjorie B. Price 

Route 1, Box 137-A 

Mrs. Mattie Manns 

814 E. Irving Ave. 

Rev. Robert S. Geiger, Jr. 

P. O. Box 572 

Rev. Roy J. Howard 

P. O. Box 753 

Rev. William Lea 

617 Upper St. 

Greensboro, N. C. 
Rev. E. S. Anderson 
P. O. Box 21454 & 
807 Douglas St 
Charles W. Anderson 
1012 Broad Ave, 

Rev. Samuel L. Fogle 
818 Bilbro St. 
Rev. O. L. Hairston 
1210 Eugene St. 

Graham, N. C. 

Mrs. Celia Packingham 

327 Cedar St. 

Granite Quarry, N. C. 

Rev. Leroy Smith 
P. O. Box 218 

High Point, N. C, 

R. C. Palmer 

1203 Pearson St. 

Rev. John E. Trotman 

1 123 Biltmore Ave. 

Rev. F. L. Andrews 

221 Underhill Ave. 

Rev. D. D. Mason 

1311 Cedrow Dr. 

W. C. Harris 

415 Smith St. 

Rev. John Mason 

1472 London Dr. 

Rev. L. L. Macon 

712 Willis Ave. 

Rev. Emmanuel T. Rucker 

1118 Montlieu Ave. 

O. P. Hines 

605 Bilbro St. 

Lexington, N. C. 

Miss Linda Terry 
P. O. Box 38 
Mrs. Timmie Hamp 
Rufus Wyatt 
Route 3, Box 487 
Mrs. Lonnie Mason 
103 Tanyard St. 

Deacon Ray Hairston 

Rte. 2, Box 136 

Clemmons St. 

Mrs. J. H. Clodfelter 

1044 Short St. 

Rev. Benjamin F. Daniels 

3911 Tony Dr. 

Robert Harmon 

720 Doak St. 

Mrs. Nancy Ann Terry 

P. O. Box 38 

Madison, N. C. 

Mrs. Eli McEachern 
Rev. Eli McEachern 
3rd Ave. 

North Wilkesboro, N. C, 
Mrs. Mable G. Dalton 
P. O. Box 173 
Mocksville, N. C. 
Rev. G. W. Campbell 
606 Depot St. 

New London, N. C. 
Rev. G. V. Lewis 
Rte. 2 

Raleigh, N. C. 
Rev. C. R. Trotter 
301 Parrish St. 

Reidsville, N. C. 
Rev. C. R. Clark 
914 Piedmont St. 
John H. Foster 
823 Moore St. 
Mrs. Annie Kirby 
Rev. E. L, Kirby 
P. O. Box 756 

Salisbury, N. C. 
Mrs. Inez MiddJetot) 
625 W. Kerr St 


Mrs. Ethel Chunn 
906 Hawkinstown 
Rev. & Mrs. C. H. 

701 Hawkinstown Rd. 
Mrs. Willie Mae Stout 

702 Hawkinstown Rd. 
Savannah Kelly 

707 W. Cemetary St. 

Rev. W. O. E. Ellis 

Rte. 4, Rox 8-C 

Mrs. Essie Jackson 

207 Rroad St. 

N. A. Chunn 

906 Hawkinstown Rd. 

Mrs. M. D. Trott 

419 S. Caldwell St. 

Rev. & Mrs. T. D. Walker 

432 S. Long St. 

Spencer, N. C. 

Mrs. Elsie McCollough 

512 Welder St. 

Jenner Massey 

Mrs. Mary Fox 

Statesville, N. C. 
Rev. J. C. Harris 

840 Armstrong St. V 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 
Mrs. Clara F. Railey 

1732 Thurmond St 
Rev. S. W. Mack 
2905 Bon- Air Ave. 
Mrs. Mahala Wilkins 
1274 Foster St. 
Mrs. Hershel Lee 
101 Booker Ave. 
Eugene Mintz 
2520 Kilkase Ave. 
Miss Evelyn R. Owens 
P. O. Box 94 
Rev. J. Ray Butler 
Mrs. Mattie H. Dye 
117-43 142 Street 
Rev. K. O. P. Goodwin 
501 26 N.W. 
William R. Carpenter 
1624 E. 22nd. St. 
Rev. Theodore R. Orr, Jr. 
3105 N. Cheveland 
Rev. G. W. Roland 
2309 E. 1st. St. 
W. A. Jones 
841 Bice Ave. 
Benjamin Tandy 
227 E. Drive 
Rev. J. D. Ballard 
2719 Bon-Air Ave. 
Rev. W. C. Hay 
2528 Amhurst St. 
Rev. T. L. Anthonv 
3220 Tray St. 

Howard Parker 

867 Crawford St. 

Harvey J. Watson 

Route 4 

Rev. W. M. Adams 

303G N. Patterson Ave. 

Mrs. Florence Dukes 

501 21 N.E. 

Miss Walteria Yvette 

2905 Bon-Air Ave. 
Rev. B. H. Bonham 
1668 E. 22 St. 
Rev. E. E. Bailey 
1732 Thurmond St. 
Rev. David R. Hedgley 
1025 W. 25th St. 
Rev. A. H. McDaniel 
3779 Corver Road 
Mrs. Mattie G. Ingram 
2825 Bon-Air Ave. 
Rev. J. W. Reed 
3022 Bon-Air Ave. 
Richard Workman 
Mrs. M. Louise Jones 
841 Rich Ave. 
Rev. B. M. Summers 
2030 K. Court Ave. N.W. 
Mrs. Ella Bell Thompson 
1201 E. 1st. St. 
Apt. 5-D 



Mt. Olive Baptist Church 
' Salisbury, N. C. 


T. E. Littlejohn, Pastor 
October 21, 1972 W 



The Bi-monthly Session of the Rowan Baptist Association met at Mt. Olive 
Baptist Church on October 21, 1972 at 10:00 A.M. with the Moderator, Rev. 
C. R. Trotter presiding. Devotions was led by Rev. W. C. Hay and Rev. 
E. M. Brown. Following the Scripture lesson by Rev. Brown, Rev. W. C. 
Wilkerson offered prayer. Then followed the singing of hymns and spirituals 
with testimonies in between. 

The Moderator, Rev. Trotter, expressed thanks for the attendance and 
for services rendered. Expressing appreciation for the spiritual fervor in worship, 
he said that we have gone too far from the ancient land-mark and we need to 
return to it. He urged that we all manifest a spirit of brotherly love and 

Rev. Wm. M. Wyatt discussed the theme. "What Baptists Believe". Sub 
topics were 1. GOD 2. THE BIBLE. 3. THE FALL. Concerning God. we 
were reminded that the Scriptures teach that there is one, and only one, living 
and true God, an infinite, intelligent Spirit, whose name is Jehovah, the 
Maker and Ruler of Heaven and Earth. Refering to the Scriptures. Rev. Wyatt 
stated that Baptists believe that the Bible is a book but different from any other 


book. It was written by men divinely inspired by God. It is profitable for 
doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness etc. He 
said we should believe what the Bible says word for word — even the story of 
Jonah and the whale. On "THE FALL OF MAN", we were reminded that 
God created man in His own image and likeness. Man was first a mere corpse. 
God breathed into man the breath of life and man became a living soul. 
The Scriptures teach that man, by voluntary transgression fell from his holy 
and happy state; in consequence of which all mankind are now sinners, not by 
constraint, but by choice. He closed by declaring that Baptists believe in 
"One Lord, one faith, and one baptism." We believe that Jesus was buried in 
baptism; therefore all should be baptized by immersion as Jesus was. The 
discussion was well taken. „ 


Following devotions, the house was opened for business. Rev. Trotter called 
attention to the testimonial dinner to be sponsored in Raleigh on November 
17 to honor Dr. O. L. Sherrill for 25 years of excellent and competent service. He 
informed the Association that member churches were asked to contribute $25.00 
per church by October 31. He desired to know how much the Association was 
willing to contribute. A motion was made by Rev. Adams and seconded by 
Rev. Wilkerson that we give $25.00. The motion earned. Words of commenda- 
tion were expressed by the Moderator concerning Dr. Sherrill's splendid 


From the roll call of churches $419.00 were reported. Of that amount, 
$209.50 were earmarked for the General Baptist State Convention. The public 
offering was $36.00. This was left with the host church. 

Receipts $429.00 


Rev. Wm. Wyatt $ 7.00 

Rev. Green 10.00 

Post Master 16.00 

Dr. O. L. Sherrill 25.00 

Shaw University 209.50 


Mrs. Prudence Johnson, President of the Woman's Auxiliary of the Rowan 
Baptist Association, said in her opening remarks, "We do not attempt to do any- 
thing without saying something to God about it." She then informed the 
Association that the Woman's Auxiliary has blueprints for a building that 
they plan to construct on the J. J. Johnson Camp Site at a cost of $50,000. 
The building will have a seating capacity of 700. Rooms will be named in 
honor of Dr. J. T. Hairston and others. The women desire advice from the men 
in their building program. Help from the men is welcome. 

The Moderator urged the Association to cooperate with the women in 
their praise-worthy efforts. Through the discussion of Mrs. Johnson and addi- 
tional information offered by Rev. Trotter, the following information was re- 
vealed: (1) The Lott Carey Foreign Missions Convention will convene at the 
J. J. Johnson Camp site in 1974. Mrs. Home asked the women to bring $25,000. 
to the Convention. (2) There are 4 cabin type buildings, on the site already. (3) 
Efforts are being made to construct a swirrirning pool to be completed in 
June of 1973. It will cost $25,000. 


Rev. Charles Green 

Using Luke 2:12 as his text, Rev. Green spoke from the subject, "BORN 


IN THE GHETTO." Young people, he said, are asking the question, "Caw 
anything good come out of the Ghetto? He answered that question by stating 
that the child Jesus was born in the ghetto. He said that Jesus carne low that 
he might lead the world to higher heights of hope and righteousness. He came 
that we might have life and that we might have it more abundently. The speaker 
pointed out that Jesus went to Calvary to die the Redemptive death after being 
born in the ghetto and after working with the poor and needy. He raised the 
challenging question, "Are you lifting Jesus up from the ghetto or are you 
just leaving Him there in the manger ? In closing, he led the spiritual, "I Want 
Jesus to Walk With Me." 

Offering raised for the host church was $36.00. Dinner was served in the 
basement at 12:00 noon. 

The next Bi-monthly Session will be held at the Beulah Baptist Church, 
Concord, N. C, Rev, Chas. Blakeney, Pastor. 

Rev. C. R. Trotter, Moderator 
Theodore Walker, Secretary 


of the 


Beulah Baptist Church 

Concord, North Carolina 


The Bi-monthly Session of the Rowan Baptist Association convened at the 
Beulah Baptist Church, Concord, N. C, Saturday, December 15 beginning at 
10:00 A.M. with the Moderator, Rev. C. R. Trotter presiding. 

Devotions was led by Rev. W. C. Wilkerson. The congregation sang, 
"Down at the Cross." Rev. Wilkerson read Scripture from the first chapter of 
St. Mark and offered prayer. Following several hymns, congregational songs, 
and testimonies, the Moderator took charge and presented Dr. D. R. Hedgley 
to discuss the theme, "What Baptists Believe." His subtopics were, "Grace, 
Salvation, and Regeneration." Dr. Hedgley declared that the Bible is the absolute 
Word of authority. He said the Bible is a complete and infallible guide and 
standard of authority in all matters of religion and morals. It takes precedence 
over a Church Constitution. He made it plain that the New Testament is the 
constitution of Christianity, and the charter of the Christian Church. He said 
that grace is unmerited favor with God. It is free, unchangable, and everlasting. 
It sustains us and keeps us day by day. Salvation, he stated, is based upon 
God's grace through Jesus Christ. Regeneration, we were told, means "a spiritual 
rebirth— a new creature in Christ Jesus. It means being born again. Every- 
one, even little children, must be born again. He closed by declaring, "Christ 
died for our salvation, but I hasten to say HE AROSE. He is still making in- 
tercession for us." 

Expressions of appreciation for the message were made by the moderator 
and others of the congregation. Rev. J. C. Harris suggested that the lectures on 
"WHAT BAPTISTS BELIEVE" be put together and made available to the 
churches. It was explained that the Minutes served that purpose. 

Minutes of the last Bi-monthly Session were read and approved. 

Reference was made to Dr. O. L. Sherrill's recent appreciation service. 
Rev. Trotter reported that the occasion was well attended, and that more than 
$5,000.00 was raised for Dr. Sherrill. 

The house was opened for discussion of unfinished business and new 
business. No further business was discussed at this time. 




Rev, T. E. Lrttlejohn 

Rev. Littlejohn was accompanied to the pulpit by Rev. W. C. Wilkerson 
and Rev. Quincy CaldwelL The chair sang, "Amazing Grace." Scripture was 
read from Matthew 1:18. Rev. Wilkerson offered prayer and the congregation 
sang, "What A Fellowship." 

Rev. Littlejohn used as his subject, "JESUS". Text: Matthew 1:21. In his 
opening statements, the minister said, "I am not attempting to bring you 
anything new. I am just telling it like it is from the Holy Bible. Declaring 
that Jesus never fails, the speaker had the congregation to repeat after him, 
"JESUS NEVER FAILS." THEN he declared that the world is upset today 
because too many people leave Jesus out of their lives. Other truths stated 
were as follows: People are trying to find peace today. Inner peace is available, 
for Jesus is the Prince of Peace. There are people who pretend to want 
peace but they want to leave Jesus out. When we call on Jesus in faith 
something happens on the inside, Jesus is the light of the world. He was good 
■enough for our forefathers. He is good enough for the Church today. 

Following the message, the song, "Give Me Jesus" was led by Rev. W. T« 


Total amount $293.00 

Earmarked for Lott Carey Convention 104.00 

The next Bi-monthly Session is scheduled to be held at the Files Chapel 
Baptist Church, Lexington, N. C. Rev. F. D. Betts, Pastor. Date: Feb. 17, 1973. 

Adjournment for lunch 12:00 Noon. 

Theodore Walker, Secretary 
Rev. C. R. Trotter, Moderator 



February 17, 1973 

Files Chapel Baptist Church, 

Lexington, N. C. 

Rev. F. D. Betts, Pastor 

The Bi-monthly Session of the Rowan Baptist Association met at Files 
Chapel Baptist Church on Saturday, February 17, 1973 at 10:00 A.M. with 
the Moderator, Rev. C. R. Trotter, presiding. 

Devotions was led by Rev. W. C. Wilkerson. Hymn: "To Be Like Jesus." 
Scripture was read by Rev. Alexander Shaw. Rev. Jones sang, "Goint to Work 
Till the Days Are Done." Following testimonies and spiritual songs from the 
congregation, the devotions was brought to a close. 

The Moderator presented Rev. J. Ray Butler to speak from the general 
theme "WTiat Baptists Believe: Faith, Hope, Charity." 

Rev. Butler emphasized the role of the pastor in the church. He said 
the power of the Baptist Church is in the congregation. The structure and 
activities of the congregation, he said, must be guided by the pastor. Some 
explanation of the difference between men and women in the church was 
offered. Concerning qualities for leadership, we were told that people who get 
angry too quick are not suited for positions of leadership. 

Concerning faith, hope, and charity, the speaker showed how all these 
qualities were reflected in the story of the Prodigal Son. He said the opposite 
of faith is fear. When fear moves in, faith moves out; when faith moves in 


fear moves out. Both do not live in the same room at the same time. Hope 
and love were manifested by the father of the Prodigal Son. Reference was 
made to the doctrines of repentence and justification. The speakeF explained' 
that repentance is the turning around process. Godly sorrow is an element in 
repentence. He said justification in God's sight includes redemption— being 
brought back. He said the Prodigel Son was "BROUGHT BACK" and justified.. 
He closed by emphasizing that when God lifts us up, takes us in His arms, 
and makes us new creatures, we are redeemed and justified. 

The message was well taken. Following, a song, the secretary gave the' 
Roll Call of Churches. Total amount from Roll Call - $381.00. Of that amount,. 
$190,50 was sent to the General Baptist State Convention, 



Rev. Charles Blakeney 

After a selection from the host church choir, "Grace Is Sufficient," Rev. 
Blakenev spoke from the subject, "The Value of Time." His text was taken/ 
from Eph. 5:15-16. 

In his introduction, the speaker said we as Baptists believe in time, but 
too few of us make good use of time. He said we are killing our selves off at 
a staggering rate through wrong use of time. He mentioned heart trouble, high 
blood pressure, worry, and frustrations as being, often times, the result of 
Wrong use of time. Declaring that we don't value time, he warned that we 
should take time to live. He said we go about saying time is ours. He declared 
that time belongs to God, and that God is getting tired of us messing it up. 

Advising that we should spend some time in learning about and exercising 
love, the speaker refered to three kinds of love: (1) Speculative love. (2) Careless 
love, and (3) Superlative love. He refered to John 3:16 as an example of 
Superlative love. In seeking God's love he advised that we don't wait for 
tomorrow's sun, for tomorrow's sun may shine on your grave. Amen. 

Then followed the spiritual, "Time Is Winding Up." 

Rev. S. W. Mack, who had been ill for a while, made remarks and 
thanked the people who visited him and remembered him otherwise. 

Rev. Wm. Wyatt called for the Trustee Board to meet. 

Greetings were made from Mrs. Prudence Johnson and Mr. Dalion. 

Offering for the local church. $44.00. 

Adjournment for lunch at 12:00 noon. 

April 28, 1973 

The Bi-Monthlv Session of the Rowan Baptist Association met on April 
28th, 1973 at the New Bethel Baptist Church of Mocksville, N. C. Rev. W. M. 
Adams, pastor. 

The devotion was led by Rev. Welkerson and Rev. J. L. Stowe. The open- 
ing song was (I Wont To Be Like Jesus) scripture Psalms 26 was read by Rev, 
Stowe who also led us in prayer, After a brief period of testifying. The president 
presented Dr. O. L. Sherrill who outlined the procedure for our second annuaT 

Dr. Sherrill gave some remarks as to the value of the Rowan Association 
to the outlying areas of the state of N. C. He also gave remarks on the nature 
and function of the church. The team work of working in the church for the 
Lord. There is a need for more education of the people of a church. Dr. 
Sherrill presented Rev. C. C. Craig who led the discussion of the Nature And 
Function Of A Church. 

(1) How to develop a tithing church The Lord spake only of tithes and 
offering not dues and assessments The deciples gave up their possessions to do 
the needs of God. For every dollar used for church expense another one should 


ibe sent to missions. A church that makes no demands on it's People is not 
pleasing God. 

All people need to be inspired in to giving each sum. Percentage giving 
should be mentioned on the bulletin once a month. The pastor should mention 
percentage giving. 

The leaders must be together before the program is presented to the 
church. There was a brief question and answer period. Rev. Trotter gave 
some remarks during the question and answer period. A letter was read from 
the governor of the state of North Carolina in answer to a letter written to 
him by this association was received for our record. Rev. Hedgley offered a 
motion seconded by Rev. Hay that money received at this session be given to 
State Missions. Rev. Stowe was in charge of worship service and Rev. Betts, 
pastor of Files Chapel Baptist Church of Lexington, brought us the message. 

The host church choir furnished the music. First song ("He Is All- 
right") Scripture by Rev. Jones. The choir gave its second selection, "When 
My Soul is Resting I Will Be Satisfied/" Rev. Bettys text was taken from Luke 5th 
'Chapter and 4th through 7th verses. Subject FAITH, FULNESS AND FELLOW : 
SHIP. After the sermon, Rev. Hay led us in a very so<ul stirring song, "God 
Has A Way." 

Rev. Trotter gave remarks on the sermon. 

Received for this session $767.00. 

C. M. Traynham, 
Assistant Secretary 


Held at 

828 Leonard Street 

High Point, N. C. 

Dr. D. D. Mason, Host Pastor 

June 28 and 29, 1973 

Theme: "Working Through Peace, Love and Inderstanding" 


President Mr. G. F. Dalton 

First Vice President Mr. Robert Stewart 

Second Vice President......... Mr. Clarence Fleming 

Executive Secretary Mrs. L. T. Harris 

Asst. Executive Secretary Mrs. Vivian Kesler 

Recording Secretary............. Mrs. Sallie G. Salvage 

Asst. Recording Secretary Mrs. Jean Wood 

Financial Secretary Mrs. Edna B. Allen 

Treasurer Mr. Clarence Hairston 

Statistician Miss Theola Turner 

Auditor Rev. Quincy A. Caldwell 

Asst. Statistician Rev. J. C. Harris 

Chorister Dr. J. Ray Butler 

Pianist Miss Barbara Benson 

Asst. Pianist Mrs. Mattie Ingram 

Director of Education Atty. J. L. Lassiter 


District One Mr. Floyd Shadd 

District Two Mr. J. L. Lassiter 

District Three , , , Mr. Thomas Jackson 



1. April, 1974— Goodwill Offering (Send to Mrs. Sallie Salvage, Rec. Secretary) 

2. February, 1974— Queen's Contest 

3. February 2, 1974— Executive Committee Meeting, Zion Baptist Church, Reids- 
ville, N. C. 

4. February 23, 1974— One Day Session, Zion Baptist Churchy Reidsville, N. C, 

9:30 A. M. The Convention open with singing by the convention choir. "Pass- 
Me Not" and "What A Fellowship" 
Enrollment cards were passed out: 
Presiding Mr. G. F- DaltoH, President 

There was a short devotion, and then words of welcome by Host Superintendent- 
Response Mrs. Nancy Hairston. Another selection by the Convention Choir 
Inspirational Message 

Speakers: Rev. J. D. Ballard, Pastor of United Metropolitan Baptist Church,. 
Winston-Salem, N. C 

Scriptures: 3rd. Chapter of Exodus 1-2 verses: 19 Chapter of Exodus 1-6 verses r 
34 Chapter of Ded. Verses 1 & 5. 

Dr. Ballard used as a subject: "A Man and Three Mountains." 
"God will open doors no man can shut", 
1st. Mountain of Recognation 
2nd. Mountain of Revelation 

3rd. Mountain of Confarmation, or the mountain of Death— Mt Nebo. 
"God Will own his children anywhere" "I am thy God and I will go with you" 
"Moses go and lead my children to a land of promise" Every child of God will 
at some times stand in a vally of darkness and hardly know which way to go" 
"Moses led the children of Israel to freedom from bondage". 
The message was very inspirational and enjoyed by all. 

"Jesus Saviour Pilot Me" was sung by the Choir led by Dr. Butler. Dr. Butler 
also sang a solo. 
Workshops were assigned by Mr. R. B. Stewart, First Vice President. 

Pastors and General Superintendents Dr. Hedgley and Dr. Wyatt. teachers 

Superintendents. ...Mr. Floyd Shadd & Rev. Andrews Edwards, Discussion Leaders 

Teachers Rev. J. C. Harris & Atty. J. L. Lassiter, Discussion leaders 

Adults......... Mrs. Theodore Walker & Mrs. Nancy Young Discussion leaders 

Young Adults Mrs. Bronnie Daniels & Mrs. H. W. Hines, Discussion Leaders 

Youth Mr. Thomas Jackson and Miss Barbara Stewart, Discussion leaders 

Intermediates Mrs. Virginia Daye and Mrs. Johnny Mask, Discussion leaders 

Juniors Mrs. Mildred Carlton & Mrs. Johnny Mask, Discussion leaders 

Primaries Mrs. Barbara Griffin and Mrs. Pearlene Peck Discussion leaders 

Ministers & Supt. Wives Mrs. P. L. Lea, Discussion leader 

After a 45 minutes of class work, the classes were brought to a close. 
Roll call of churches by the Coordinators. 
Appointment of Committees 
Remarks by Host Pastor Dr. D. D. Mason 
Remarks by the president and announcements. 

Thursday Afternoon 
1:30 P. M. 

The session opened by singing "Love Lifted Me", and "High Ground". 
Prayer Rev. Lewis Crawford. "Lift Him Up" was next sung. 
The amount of $65.22 was reported from the Work Shop. 
Presentation of Queens and other contestants: 

Queen Miss Marsha Lawson, New Zion Baptist Church, Greensboro, N. C. 
First Runner-up: Miss Teresa Norman. Union Baptist Church, Lexington, N. C. 
Second Runner-up: Miss Sharon Wallington. First Calvary Baptist Church, Salis- 
bury, N. C, 


Other Contestants: 

Miss Patricia Frazier. First Baptist Church, Statesville, N. C. 

Miss Sophie Payne, Shiloh Baptist Church, Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Miss Phyllis Jones. Henderson Grove Baptist Church, Salisbury, N. C. 
For Whom The Bells Toll, was next. 
Rev. Green read the 133 Psalm, Prayer Bro. Howard. 
Sermon Rev. Alexander Shaw. 

Our scripture says "Blessed are they that die in the Lord" "To be present with 
the Lord we will have to be absent in this body" So we should not weep and 
mourn when our Lord calls our loved on home to be with Him. Names of 
deceased were given to Rev. Shaw, and he said he was glad to have the 
opportunity to say a few words on this subject. 
Solo Mrs. V. M. Kesler, "Take My Hand Precious Lord." 

Mr. Dal ton was presented by Rev. J. C. Harris, who gave His President's 
Address. Topic: "Learning How To Lead". Subject: "Through Christ All Things 
are possible." As disciples of Christ, let us begin working where we are, or 
continue working for the Master. Take the message back home that Christ 
is our Master. 
Mr. Dal ton gave his recommendations: 

1. That we continue to ask God for His guidance and blessings on this 88th. 
Annual Session and thank Him for bringing the progress and success of this 
convention thus far. 

2. That we continue the Queen's Contest under the direction of our Exec 
Secretary, Mrs. L. T. Harris. 

3. That a scholarship fund be set up for the first five runner-ups in the amount of 
$25450.00 dollars. 

4. That the winner of the Queen's Contest for 1973, Miss Marsha Lawson become 
the Youth president. 

5. That we adopt the workshop course, "How To Teach" with Rev. J. C. Harris 
and Atty. J. L. Lassiter serving as headers. 

6. That a committee be appointed, consisting of our 1st. and 2nd. vice presi- 
dents, executive and asst. Executive Secretaries, and record and asst. recording 
secretaries, along with a representative from the parent body to ratify and up- 
date our constitution. 

7. That we continue our Goodwill Offering to be held in April for Mission and 
the purchasing of a mimograph and adding machine. 

8. That we adopt the institution of an annual course of study in each local 

9. That all churches send in news of outstanding nature in your church 
community or ideas and suggestions to benefit the growth and progress of the 
Rowan Family. 

10. That the 3 divisional districts be continued to carry on the work as 

District one — Mr. Floyd Shadd, Coordinator (assisted by Mr. Clarence Fleming 
and Mr. Clarence Hairston) 

Counties: Rowan; Iredell: Davie, Carabus, Buncombe, Stanley, Davidson 

and Yadkin. 
District two: Mr. J. L. Lassiter, Coordinator. 

Counties: Rockingham, Alamance, and Guilford. 
District three — Mr. Thomas Jackson, Coordinator: Counties. ...Forsyth and Stokes. 


Then he gave his annual address: Through Christ All Things are Possible, we 
as his children can witness to this. God has revealed his almighty power in the 
creation through the book of Genesis. Sin has marred God's perfect work, yet 
His handwritting remains. So often in our association with one another we 
forget Jesus. We often attend religious services, refreshed and comforted by 
the Word of God, but through neglect of meditation, watchfulness and prayer 


we lose the blessing and find ourselves more destitute than before we received 
it. As we associate together, we may be a blessing to one another. Man cannot 
live alone. Jesus worked to relieve every care of suffering that he saw. Jesus 
like many of us was often misunderstood. Without love and understanding, we 
frequently fail to manifest the gifts of giving and sharing as Christ taught and 
practiced. Had our Saviour suggested that there could be an excuse for sin,, 
Satan would have triumphed and the world would have been lost. Jesus did 
not contend for his rights, yet we always contend that we are "Right." Jesus 
taught all to look upon themselves as endowed with precious talents. Christ 
gave the commission to us as he did to his disciples — "Go ye into all the 
world and preach the gospel to every creature". As diciples of Christ, let us 
begin work wherever we are. The work of many of us may appear to be re- 
stricted by circumstances whatever it is, if performed with faith and diligence., 
it will be felt to the utmost parts of the world. Don't give up, stay fast as a 
captain does with his ship. If we believe and accept Him we truly come to 
know that "Through Christ All Things are possible". May God bless each 
of you as you continue to carry out the mandates of the father in the working to 
point the way to salvation for mankind. 

May I thank you for your patience and may you keep God's Holy Spirit 
to guide yon." 

Mr. Wells of Badin, a representative of the UnEmployed Association of 
Charlotte, made remarks. He stated that if you are qualified and come to 
them they would place you in a position worthy of your qualifications. He 
said you would be in good hands if you were a member of this organization. 

The State Convention have a budget of % million and hope to be able to 
adequately meet their objectives. A very enlighting report was given by Rev, 
Williams. He reminded us of our coming Associations, conventions and other 
meetings. The State Sunday School Conv. is 100 years old. 
Committees Reports. 

Time and Place 

The Committee on Time and Place brought the following recommendations: 
The One Day Session will convene at the First Baptist Church in Reidsville, 
N. C. Rev. E. L. Kirby, Pastor and the General session meet at New Bethel 
Baptist Church in Winston-Salem, N. C. The Dr. Jerry Drayton, Pastor. 

Rev. J. C. Harris, Chairman, Mr. Anthony Weatherspoon, Mrs. J. E. Melton, 
Co-Chrm., Mr. Floud Shadd, Mrs. Virginia Daye, Mrs. Evelyn M. Singleton,. 
Mr. Robert Hairston, Mrs. Mildred Carlton 


The Committee on Organization brought the following recommendation, 
that the present officers succeed themselves for the year of 1973-1974. 

Rev. K. O. P. Goodwin, Chairman, Mrs. Eunice Kirby, Co-Chairman, Mrs. 
Mattie Jones, Mr. M. C. Murray, Sr., Mrs. Pearline S. Peck, Mr. Jimmie P, 
Thompson, Mrs. Lillian Cain, Rev. Alexander Shaw, Rev. C. H. Hawkins, 
Rev. Willie L. Gladden. 


The Committee brought the following recommendations, that the Associ- 
ation itself, at which time the convention is in session implements into its 
program, visual aids, more training Institutions, and continued imphasis on 
Religious training. We recommend that the association along with all the Sunday 
School Churches broaden its scope for more religious training. That a religious 
training certificate be awarded to those persons who complete the required 
hours as determined by the teacher. 

Rev. M. L. Dillingham, Chairman, Miss Anita Barber, Miss Iris Bell, Mr, 
Johnny Glenn, Mrs. M. L. Griffin, Mrs. Nancy Hairston, Miss Cynthia Hayes, 
Miss Christine Haves. 



Whereas, the Pastor and Members of the First Emmanuel Baptist Church saw 
fit to invite the Rowan Baptist Sunday School Convention and its auxiliaries 
to visit with them, Be it resolved that we express our sincere appreciation to 
Dr. D. D. Mason, pastor and to the members and friends who have contributed 
so very much to our entertainment. We recommend that the Institutions for work- 
shops be secured at least three to four months prior to the convention date; 
and that these institutions use oudine guides in teaching. We recommend that 
2nd. Timothy, Chapter 2, verse 15— "Study To Show Thyself approved, 
Workman who needeth not be ashame", be the motivating factor in preparing 
and teaching course material. 

We recommend that convention information be forwarded to Pastors, 
supt. and other persons two to four weeks prior to meeting date. 

Mrs. M. S. Philson, Chairman, Rev. Rufus Wyatt, Co-Chairman, Mrs. 
Mattie Ingram, Mr. Squire Hairston, Mr. Janes E. Clybum, Tammy Crawford, 
Mrs. Frances Hairston, Miss Vanessa Howell, Miss Cynthia Brown, Mrs. 
Prudence Johnson, Mrs. Natalie Mitchell, Connie H. Brown, Mrs. B. I. Mitchell, 
Miss Sherea Jones, Mrs. Rose II. Ellie, Carrie L. Gilmer, Hannah Matthews, 
Mrs. Ethel Jones, Miss Bobby S. Stewart, Rev. W r . D. Terry. 


BROUGHT Forward $3,865.01 

Collected in one day session , 1,947.86 

Received from Mr. Dalton, Pres , 50.00 

Total $5,862^87 


1-27-73-Mr. G. F. Dalton, trips and telephone calls $ 25.00 

1-27-73-Stencils 4.07 

2-24-73-Rowan Baptist Association 50.00 

2-24-73-Memograph Paper 3.06 

2-24-73-Mrs. L. B. Matron T\ pist-News!etter 15.00 

2-24-73-Lewis & Styles Florist-Flowers for Queens 12.60 

2-24-73-Printcrafters, Inc., Newsletters 132.25 

2-24-73-Mr. G. F. Dalton-Telephone and Trips 50.00 

2-24-73-Nevelon Sign Co. Signs for Registration 15.45 

2-24-73-Courtesv Fee-Union Baptist Church 25.00 

2-24-73-Rev. K. O. P. Goodwin 15.00 

4-21-73-Printcrafts, Inc. 99.87 

4-21-73-Mr. G. F. Dalton, Pres 25.00 

6-4-73-Mr. G. F. Dalton, Pres. Sunday School Congress 400.00 

Total Paid Out $ 872.84 

Balance Total $4,990.03 

The reports were received and adopted. 


The session opened with remarks by Mr. Dalton, President. 

7:00 P. M. Pageant presented by Mrs. Erma Mason, for Mrs. Robinson: 
Pageant— The Ten Commandments 

Procession by the Choir: The 1st. and 2nd. Commandments were presented 
by 2 speakers. 
The Choir sang: "Lift Me Lord" 

The 3rd. an 1 4th. Commandments were presented by 2 speakers: "To 


The Uttermost", was next sung. The 5th. and 6th. Commandments were pre- 
sented by 2 speakers; "Bringing in the Sheaves" was the next selection; the 
7th. and 8th. Commandments were presented by two speakers. "Give Yourself 
to Jesus", was next sung. The 9th and 10th. commandments were presented by 
2 speakers. The Choir sang "God so Loved the World." 

The house was then turned over to the President Mr. Dalton, who thanked 
Mrs. Mason for the wonderful pageant. 

Mr. Clarence Fleming, 2nd. vice President was presented and presided over 
the 3rd. general session. Rev. Kirby presented Rev. C. R. Trotter, President 
of the Rowan Baptist Association who brought the evening message. He said, 
The Rowan Sunday School Convention has been as a beacon light to the 
baptist people for 88 years. If you are going to stay first, you must work hard; 
The Sunday School is the educational arm of the church, His text was taken 
from Acts 8;31-32. We should be concerned as Christians until every soul has 
been converted, we need devout Christians. 

We should be awaken to our duty, We only get religion when we want to 
be saved. The message was very inspiring. Dr. Butler sang "In Times Like These", 
Offering and announcements. 
Benediction by Rev. Trotter, 


The Morning session opened at 9:00 A. M. with soft music and meditations- 
with Mrs. Mattie Ingram at the organ. The devotion was led by the Young 
people with Miss Bobby S. Stewart as leader. "Love Lifted Me". "Trust and 
Obey", and "O How I Love Jesus", were sung. Several passages of Scripture 
and sentence prayers from the audience were given. The meeting was turned 
over to Mr. Thomas T. Jackson, coordinator of the Youth, who presided. "Yield 
Not to Temptation" was sung, then Rev. E. S. Anderson presented by Rev. 
W. C. Hay. as the Inspirational speaker. "Leaning on the Everlasting Arms'" 
was sung and Rev. Anderson gave his message. He talked about "A New be- 
ginning and a new kind of living" Act 17-20 "Any man in Christ is a new 
man, Old Things must pass away, Young people let the world know that a 
new life a new creation made something out of you. When Christ lives in you, 
you will let the world know it, by the new life you live. "He Touched Me, 
and In My Father's House were sung by Mrs. Ingram. Remarks by the Presi- 
dent. He stated the One-Day Session will be held at First Baptist Church, 
Reidsville, N. C. Rev. E. L. Kirby, Pastor. 

Mr. R. B. Stewart, 1st. Vice president gave a report from Congress held in 
Dallas, Texas. He stated there were good music, good preaching and a very 
good participation, all during the Congress. Remarks from Congress was also 
made by Mr. Matthew Moore. Mr. Dalton was also given time for his report 
from Congress, and he thanked the convention for sending him. 


The Afternoon session opened at 1:30 P. M. with Mr. Dalton presiding. 
"My Hope is built on nothing less" was sung. Dr. Hedgley presented Rev. F. D. 
Betts, who brought an inspirational sermon as the closing message. A portion 
of the 12th. and 13th. Chapters of Acts was read. In God's own time He will 
answer Prayer, We are not mixed up, most of us are really messed up. If you 
love Jesus, you don't mind being critized. Trust in God and everything will be 
alright. Prayer by Rev. Robinson. "Love Lifted Me" was sung. 

President Dalton then thanked the host pastor for such an elegant prepara- 
tion for our comfort. Thanks to Rev. Betts for such a wonderful sermon. 

We were dismissed with singing "Love Lifted Me." 

Words of dismissal were read by Rev. Kirby. Last remarks by Dr. D. D. 

Benediction by Rev. F. D. Betts. 




First Baptist, Statesville 
Mrs. Bemette Maxwell 
Mrs. Mary H. Peterson 
Mr. Jay L. Clyburn 
Mr. C. E. Avery 
Mrs. Florine Robinson 
Mr. Clarence Byers 
Mrs. Beulah Linney 
Mr. Zaphane Wilson 

Union Baptist, Winston-Salem 

Rev. T. S. Staten 

First Baptist, Reidsville 

Charles Lampkins 

Linda J. Ware 

Celia Lance 

Vivian D. Boyd 

James Price 

Ethel S. Carr 

Norma L. Carr '. 

Ruben Hill, Sr» 

Shiloh Baptist, Mocksville 

Mrs. Minnie Campbell 

United Metopolitian, Winston-Salem 

Mr. George Mackey 

Friendship Baptist, Winston-Salem 
Mr. Charles Mauney 
Mr. Bobby Allen 
Mrs. Betty Britt 
Mrs. Bessie Davis 

St. Paul Baptist, Eden 

Deacon Eddie Strange 

First Emmanuel, High Point 

Susan Chaddness 
Mary Charles 

Galilee Baptist, Winston-Salem 
Mrs. E. D. Davis 

Shady Grove, Spencer 

Jack Mitchell 
John H. Cobb 
Henry Rosemond 

Bvn.oinbe, Lexington 
Mr. John F. Hairston 

St. Luke, Salisbury 

Mi*. Albert Johnson 
Mrs. Beulah Campbell 

Beulah Baptist, Madison 
Bro. Oscar Martin 
Bro, Charlie Mosley 
Mrs. Wackmock 

Mt. Zion, Winston-Salem 
Mr. L. D. McClennon 
Mr. W. M. Nesby 

Shiloh, Winston-Salem 

Annie McCracken 
Minnie Acker 
Del ores Robinson 
Fannie Bethea 

Second New Bethel, Winston-Salem 
Mrs. Carrie Terry 

Mt. Vernon, High Point 
Mrs. Mary Dixon 

St. Stephens, Winston-Salem 

Nathan Falon 
Flo Doling 
Flay Green 
Bessie Hawk 

New Bethel, Winston-Salem 

M. D. Glymph 

Joe Pratt 

Flora Parham 

Ethel Mackey 

Marie Butler 

Rising Ebenezer, Winston-Salem 
Mrs. Ruth E. Byers 
Mrs. Mattie Ingram 

Mt. Olive, Winston-Salem 

Mrs. Arrie Bauknight 


Mr. G. F. Dal ton, President $200.00 

Mr. R. B. Stewart, 1st. Vice Pres „ 86.38 

Mr. Clarence Fleming 2nd. Vice Pres , 60.00 

Mrs. L. T. Harris, Exec. Secretary , 100.00 

Mrs. Vivian Kesler, Asst. Exec. Secretary 50.00 

Mrs. Sallie G. Salvage, Rec. Secretary 50.00 

Mrs. Jean Woods, Asst Secretary , , 10.00 


Mrs. Edna B. Allen, Finn. Secretary . 30.00' 

Mr. Clarence Hairston, Treasurer , ..... 100.00 

Rev. Quincy A, Caldwell, Auditor , ,..., 15.00" 

Rev. J. C. Harris, Asst. Statistian , .... 10.00 

Rev. J. Ray Butler, Choir Director 10.00 

Miss Barbara Benson, Pianist , 10.00 

Mrs. Mattie Ingram, Asst. Pianist 15.00 

Mr. Waverly Camp, Asst. Pianist , ..... 10.00" 

Atty. J. L. Lassiter, Dir. of Educ 15.00 

Mr. Fioyd Shall,- Coordinator District I , . 30.00" 

Mr. Thomas Jackson, Coordinator Dist. 3 15.00 

Rev. J. D. Ballard , . 15.00 

Rev. C. D. Trotter 15.00 

Miss Natalie Mitchell „ 3.00 

Emmanuel Baptist Church , 40.00 1 

Rev. E. S. Anderson 15.00 

Rev. F. D. Betts 15.00 

Rev. G. C. Crawford ,10.00 

Rev. E. L. Kirby . 25.00 

Mission and Education 

Shaw University 500.00* 

Committee Work 

Mrs. A. D. Logan , , , 25.00 

Rev. W. C. Hay 15.00 

Miss Ganell Moultry 10.00 

Submitted by: Mrs. A. D. Logan, Rev. W. C. Hay, Miss Ganell Moultry,. 

Mrs. E. B. Allen, Mr. Clarence Hairston, Mr. Clarence Fleming, Mr. R. B„ 


First Emmanuel Baptist Church, High Point, North Carolina 

Albemarle, N. C. Miss Brenda Lenise Graves 

Miss Fevelyn Yvonna Davis 311 East McAden Street 

1064 Gibson Street Miss Cathy Ann Graves 

Miss Renaee Gaddy 311 East McAden Street 

432 Grieggs Street Miss Donna Streater 

Miss Janice Hooker 420 E. Gilbreath Street 

1067 Gibson Street Miss June Marie Thompson) 

Mr. Floyd Shadd 416 Washington Street 

490 Davis Street Rev. C. R. Trotter 

301 Parrish Street 

Cooleemee. N. C. Raleigh, N. C. 
Mrs. Prudence L. Johnson 

P. O. Box 51 Greensboro, N. C. 

Rev. E. S. Anderson 

Eden, N. C. P- O. Box 21454 

Rev. W. M. Lea Mr - J- A - Bethea 

617 Upper Street 913 Omaha Street 

Danville, Va. Miss Edna Branch 

Mrs. Ruth Lea Greensboro, N. C. 

617 Upper Street Mrs - Hester Bratcher 

Danville, Va. 717 Rugby Street 

Mrs. Annie M. Burch 

Graham, N. C. 706 Hertford Street 

Miss Terri Basnight Mrs. Rose H. Ellis 

712 East Elm Street 302 N. Beech Street 



Miss Carrie L. Gilmer 

■ 822 Rugby Street 

Mrs. Barbara Gladney 

Route 1, Box 725 

:Rev. Willie L. Gladney 

Route 1, Box 725 

Miss Debora Graham 

708 Calvin Court 

Miss Cynthia Green 

400 McCullough Street 

Miss Shirley Green 

400 E. McCullough Street 

Miss Paulette Holt 

2331 Neenton Street 

Mr. Curtis L. Hooker 

Route 2, Box 183 

Gibsonville, N. C. 

Miss Karen Jeffries 

3818 Clair Place 

Miss Sherea Jones 

1204 Ogden Street 

Miss Marsha Annette Lawson 

815 Rugsby Street 

Miss Juanita Lillv 

3808 Herbin Street 

Miss Alease Linney 

2310 Ford Place 

Mrs. Hannah Matthews 

1408 Dans Road 

Piev. James E. McCoy 

1917 Finley Street 

Miss Benita Perry 

2331 Newton Street 

Mr. William I. Peterson 

800 S. Benbow Road 

Miss Vanessa Inez Scott 

906 Ashe 

Mrs. Pamela Shuffner 

1002 Hackett Street 

Mrs. Evelyn M. Singleton 

1015 B. Logan Street 

Mrs. Bennie D. Stevens 

1407 Caldwell Street 

Mr. Anthony Weatherspoon 

221 Bak Drive 

High Point, N. C. 

Mrs. Mary H. Blackburn 
1206 Crawford Place 
Mrs. Maryiln C. Hennings 
Apt. 3-B Green Courts 
Miss Setrina A. Hunter 
1311 Cedrow Drive 
Mr. Larry Ingram 
709 E. Eommerce Ave. 
Mr. H. M. Kirkpatrick 
220 Underhill 
Mr. Dudley Mason 
1472 London Drive 
Miss Deborah McCorkel 

1215 Cedrow Drive 
Mrs. J. E. Melton 
814 Fairview Street 
Mr. R. C. Palmer 
1203 Pearson Place 
Mr. Grafton Saunders 
1028 Meadowbrook 
Miss Angela Turner 
-211 Gordy Street 

Lexington, N. C 

Mr. Roland Carter 

807 Patterson Ave. 

Miss Minnie L. Cooper 

119 East Third Street 

Mrs. Virginia Daye 

309 Pine Street 

Mr. Bobby Fortune 

605 Arthur Drive 

Mr. Roy Charles Hairston 

Poute 3, Box 282 

Mr. Clarence Hairston 

Route 5, Box 390 

Mrs. Elnora Hairston 

Route 3, Box 411 

Mrs. Frances F. Hairston 

Route 3, Box 413 

Mrs. Genolia Hairston 

Route 3, Box 400 

Mrs. Nancy Hairston 

103 Village Drive 

Mr. Robert Hairston 

Route 3, Box 411 

Mr. Squire Hairston 

Route 3 

Mr. Verdeen Hairston 

Route 3, Box 400 

Mrs. Timmie Hamp 

Winston Road 

Welcome, N. C. 

Mr. Willie James Rogers 

Route 3, Box 408 

Mr. Donell Smith 

Dixie Apt. 1 

Mrs. Mary A. Terry 

P. O. Box 38 

Rev. B. T. Thomas 

'904 Dixie Street 

Miss Peggy Ann Wansley 

104 New Haven Drive 

Rev. Rufus Wyatt 

Route 3, Box 373 

Madison, N. C. 

Rev. Eli McEachern 

Third Street 

North Wilkesboro, N. C. 

Mrs. Eli McEachern 

Third Street 

North Wilkesboro, N. C. 


Miss Christine Hayes 
North Fern Street 
Miss Cynthia Denise Hayes 
402 W. Piedmont Ave, 

Mocksville, N. C. 

Miss Cynthia Brown 

Route 3, Box 37 

Mr. Kelly Brown 

Route 3, Box 37 

Mrs. Lillian B. Cain 

P. O. Box 4 

Rev. Manuel Lamont Dillingham 

Box 628, Depot Street 

Miss Vanessa Howell 

Route 1, Box 47-C 

Miss Julia Arm Hudson 

1019 Foster Street 

Miss Joyce Mae Johnson 

1027 Foster Street 

Reidsville^N. C. 

Mr. Arthur Thomas Barham, Jr„ 

328 Hubbard Street 

Miss Phyllis Blackwell 

217 Carter Street 

Miss Rita Blackwell 

806 Vance Street 

Mrs. Carrie H. Brown 

650 Lindsay Street 

Rev. Earl M. Brown 

650 Lindsey Street 

Mrs. Margaret P. Brown 

1006 Piedmont Street 

Mr. Ricardo Brown 

650 Lindsey Street 

Mr. Donnell Dodd 

830 Robinson Circle 

Miss Lynn D. Fisher 

210 S. Harris Street 

Miss Paula Jackson 

901 Dillon Street 

Mrs. A. D. Logan 

P. O. Box 427 

Mrs. R. I. Mitchell 

708 Wright Street 

Miss Natalie L. Mitchell 

708 Wright Street 

Mrs. Addie M. Neal 

553 N. E. Market Street 

Miss Latricia Neal 

100 A Ware Street 

Miss Denise Phillips 

312 Mass Street 

Miss Sandra Diane Roach 1 

206 S. Harris Street 

Mr. Timothy Roach 

206 S. Harris Street 

Miss Resunester Rogers 

820 Moore Street 

Miss Veronica Russell 
710 Vance Street 
Rev. Alexander Shaw 
.138 Ross Street 
Danville, Va. 
Miss N. A. Stockton 
415 Davis Street 
Mr. Dreway Vincent 
1010 Piedmont Street 
Mr. Tames M. Vincent, Jr. 
1010 Piedmont Street 
Mrs. Cheryl Ann Walker 
417 Davis Street 
Mrs. Terrell Walker 
417 Davis Street 

Salisbury, N. C. 

Mr. June Black 

Salisbury, N. C. 

Mr. Waver! y James Camp, Jr. 

1329 West Bank Street 

Mrs. Ethel Chunn 

906 Hawkinstown 

Mr. N. A. Chunn 

906 Hawkinstown 

Miss Arnette Cowan 

1304 W. Horah Street 

Rev. C. H. Hawkins 

701 Hawkins Road 

Miss Phyllis P. Jones 

Barber Street 

Miss Patricia Lewis 

Route 12 Box 9B 

Miss Avon Elizabeth Long 

Route 4, Box 877 

Mr. William Robinson, Jr. 

1101 Crestview Drive 

Miss Frances Lynn Simpson 

119 Military Street 

Mrs. Edna Walker 

430 Concord Road 

Rev. Theodore Walker 

430 Concord Road 

Miss Patricia Withers 

Route 9, Box 556 

Dr. William McKinley Wyatt 

413 N. Church Street 

Statesville, N. C. 
Mrs. Mildred M. Carlton 
309 Newton Ave. 
Miss Cynthia C. Carson 
207 Garfield Street 
Miss Coral Dalton 
652 S. Elm Street 
Mr. G. F. Dalton 
652 S. Elm Street 
Mrs. Martha G. Dalton 
652 S. Elm Street 



Mr. Gary Dobbins 
Chambers Street 
Rev. J. C. Harris 

840 Armstrong Street 
Mrs. Leoia T. Harris 
840 Armstrong Street 
Miss Rhonda L. Harris 
•840 Armstrong Street 
Mrs. Susie Mattox 
503 Falls Street 
Miss Sheena Powers 
314 Dockery Street 
Miss Felicia Redmond 
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Miss Janet Redmond 
907 McLaughlin Street 
Mrs. Jimmie P. Thompson 
-314 Dockery Street 
Miss Avis Williams 
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Miss Tenna Williams 
741 Brevard Street 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Mrs. Edna B. Allen 

575 Kinard Drive N, E, 

Mrs. Julia Anderson 

.2037 Lincoln Ave. 

Mr. Preston Anderson 

2037 Lincoln Ave. 

Mr. Carl Archie 

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:2750 Shorefair Drive 

Miss Vanessa Dianne Archie 

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Mrs. Margaret M. Campbell 
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Mr. James E. Clybum 
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Miss Jennifer Coley 
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Rev. Lewis R. Crawford 
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Miss Tammy Crawford 
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Mrs. Viola Cuthbertson 
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Mr. Jeffry Duncan 
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Mr. Jerry Duncan 
4845 Indiana Ave. 
Rev. Andrew J. Edwards 
P. O. Box 4201 
Mrs. Rosa B. Evans 
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Mr. M. W. Fields 
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Miss Michelle R. Floyd 
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Rev. K. O. P. Goodwin 
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Rev. C. E. Greene 
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Mr. Johnny Glenn 

3330 New Waikertown Road 

Algernon Hairston 

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Mr. Sherman Hairston 

J.420 Argonne Blvd. 

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1301 Dublin Court 

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867 Crawford Street 

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849 Haywood Street 

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654 24V 2 th Street 

Miss Karen Ransby 

3070 Burhham Circle 

Mrs. Susanna L. Roesborough 

3001 Carr Court 

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1814 Locust Ave. 

Mr. Benny Ray 

1204 W. 14th Street 

Miss Dietra Rutherford 

1711 Kimberly Road 

Mrs. Sallie G. Salvage 

815 N. Graham Ave. 

Miss Eula Smith 

822 Graham Ave. 

Miss Fanje M. Smith 

2520 Glenn Ave. 

Miss Maria Stephens 

2209 E. 22nd Street 

Miss Bobby S. Stewart 

126 Apt. E. Charleston Court 

Mr. Robert Stewart 

3054 N. Patterson Ave. 

Mr. Douglas Summers 

4840 Indiana Ave. 

Rev. W. D. Terry 

1643 E. 22nd Street 

Mrs. Edith C. Thomas 

3930 Whitfield Road 

Mr. Mike Todd 

2313 Elbon 

Willie Mae Walker 

1475 Addison Street 

Miss Karen Y. Watts 

2820 Shorefair Drive 

Miss Erma White 

907 W. 25th Street 

Mrs. Ella M. Whitworth 

119 Dunleith Ave. 

Cynthia Wilds 

1633 Emearld 

Mrs. Mahala Wilkins 

1274 Foster 

Miss Sharon Wilson 

2010 Rowe Street 

Miss Sharon Worthy 

1023 E. 17th Street 

Mr. Turner L. Wright 

462 Indiana Ave. 

Woodleaf, N. C. 

Mr. AnToneui E. Kesler 

Route 1, Box 188 

Miss Melvinia Kesler 

Route 1, Box 188 

Mrs. Vivian Kesler 

Route 1, Box 188 





Held With 


High Point, North Carolina 

Rev. D. D. Mason, Pastor 

June 27, 1973 



President Mr. M. C. Murray, Jr. 

First Vice President Mr. Squire Hairston 

Second Vice President Mr. John H. Henderson, Jr. 

Third Vice President Mrs. C. P. Maston 

Recording Secretary Mrs. A.ddie M. Neal 

Assistant Recording Secretary Mrs. Terrell Walker 

Corresponding Secretary Mrs. Doris A. Johnson 

Treasurer Mr. Henderson Webh 

Organist Miss Barbara Benson 

Assistant Organist Mrs. Mattie Ingram 

Choirister Mrs. Willa P. Smith 

Auditor Rev. S. W. Mack 

Mr. M. C. Murray, President of the Rowan Baptist Training Union, presided 
for the 88th Annual Session at the above named church, Wednesday, June 27, 

The Convention was officially opened by singing a hymn. Following this 
the President called for "Echoes from the Field", which was a sharing period 
t>f techniques, procedures and experiences used to enhance the Baptist Training 
Union Program in the various churches. 

Messengers were enrolled. 

Committee on Enrollment: Mrs. Theodore Walker, Chairman, Mrs. Ella 
Whitworth, Miss Linda Samuels, Miss Birdie E. Moore, Mr. Charles Crump, 
Mr. Robert Hairston. 

A Worshipful Devotional Service was held. The Scripture Lesson was 
Psalm 42. 

Mr. Bernard Mason extended expressions of Welcome to the Convention. 

Response Rev. Theodore Walker 

Hymn "Blessed Assurance" 

Presentation of Sneaker Rev. J. A. Flovd 

Sermon Rev. W. C. Hay 

Galilee Baptist Church 
Winston-Salem, North Carolina 

The Scriptural bases for Rev. Hay's message was St. Matthew 7:29. His 
Theme: "Speaking or Teaching With Authority— and not as a Scribe" By not 
having proper authority could account for some of our failures.— How could 
one be different from the Scribes: They put the law in writing— study this 
scripture verse, you may come up with an answer as to what is happening 
around us. The Scribes were speaking and teaching from hearsay. They 
had only heard, as many are doing today trying to teach God's Word and 
do not know it from the heart. Nicodemus had his degrees, but they were 
second hand, because he did not know Jesus. He went to Jesus, who told 
him that he must be born again. He came to Know Him. 

God has the Authority. If you have been with Him, He will lift you and 


turn you around. You cannot teach with authority if you do not know Him. You; 
must be born again, then you can speak what you know and not something 
that you heard. If you continue to just read from the latest Theologians— your 
God will be dead and ycoi will die with Him. Come to know the Real God. 

Orientation. , , Mr. John H. Henderson, Jr.. 

Report of Morning Conference 

Enrolled „...„ 122: 

Amount of Offering , „ $28.74 

Committee appointments and committee meetings. 


Memorial Moments and Roll Call by Mr. John Henderson, Jr. 

The First Vice President, Mr. Squire Hairston presented the President, Mr.. 
M,. C. Murray, who delivered his Annual Address— as follows: 




What is a person actually worth? What are you worth? Well, that depends; 
on the standard by which you are measured. By one measurement a person 
is worth much. By another measurement a person is worth very little. What 
are you worth? 

The Physical Standard 

In tho days of inflation a person isn't worth too much when measured 
by Physical Standards alone. The Body of the average person who weighs 
about 150 pounds contains 3.500 feet of Gas (Oxygen, Nitrogen, Hydrogen)' 
Fats enough to make a candle weighing 15 pounds, enough Carbon to make 
9,360 lead pencils, 54 ounces Phosphorous enough of this deadly poison to« 
make 800,000 matches or kill 500 rats, enough sugar to make 60 ordinary 
cubic lumps, enough iron in the Blood to make a ten penny nail, enough 
lime in the bones to mark a tennis court. Half Pint of salt and water. Well 
about half of the average man is water. And many act if most of the water is on 
their Brain. A man thus reduced to chemicals is worth about twelve dollars 
at most. A man measured by physical standards isn't worth too much money 

The Economic Standard 

Man is an economic agent. He produces wealth, and sometimes he is 
measured by economic standards Economically man isn't worth too much unless 
he has fallen heir to a fortune amased by someone else. A young person is 
more of a consumer than a producer. From the Point of View in economics he 
has a Minus Sign Before his Name because he has consumed more than he has 
produced. Economically he is a liability, But let him live ten or twenty years 
and he becomes an economic asset. 

When man becomes a producer his value goes up. According to the Institute 
of Insurance Man's worth depends on the education he gets. A Grade School 
Graduate can expect to earn in a normal life time $219,000. A High School 
Graduate $303,000. A College Graduate $444,000 So Boys and Girls Stay in 
School. Don't be a drop out. 

What is a Man worth economically? One way to measure man is by what 
he owns— Houses— land— stocks, bonds, cash, insurance. 

The Character Standard 

The Physical Standard of measurement is inadequate to measure man. From 
the point of view of astronomy man is just a speck on the globe called Earth. 
Therefore the Economic Standard of measurement is inadequate to measure 
man. Money alone does not say everthing there is to be said about man. 

Rich men are poor in things of the spirit. The Bible asks, "What shall it 
profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his Soul?" 

The real measurement of man is the standard of character and the standard 
of service. What then are you worth to yourself? How do you feel about 


yourself. Are you satisfied with yourself? Do you think more highly of yourself 
than you ought to think? Or do you think less highly of yourself than you 
ought to think? 

Do you have a problem with yourself? Do you find it difficult to live 
with yourself? Is yourself fit to live with? Do you possess a normal self 
appreciation? What about your sense of values? What kind of premium do 
you put on personality? Do you have any safeguards against dissipation and 
mistreatment of your physical organism? 

What are you worth to your family? Are you a asset or a liability? 
Are you a blessing or a burden? Are you a joy or a sorrow to those who 

Are you a disgrace or a source of pride where your family is concerned? 
Are you at all considerate of others? How much do people who love you have 
to put up with the things you do wrong to get along with you. Would your 
family be better off if you were not a member of the family? What are you 
worth to your friends and neighbors. 

Will you be missed when you are gone or will the community be better 
off without you. 

Do you boast and build or do you whine and complain and oppose every 
movement for the Betterment of the Community. Do you have any friends? 
Aro you friendly? Are people sorry to see you come and happy to see you go? 
When was the last time you did something for somebody? Can your frienls 
and neighbors depend on you? 

What are you worth to your state? That is are you a real citizen or are 
you a parasite? Do you stand for law or are you a menace to good government? 
Do you believe in justice for all? Do you do everything in your power to 
make your city a better place to live? Do you destroy Public Property? 

What are you worth to your church? Do you regard your church as a 
real necesity or a mere luxury or sort convenience? Do you take your religion 
serious? Serious enough to give it a place in your whole life? The first place 
in your life? Do you attend your church regularly and take part in its activities? 
Do you pay tithes or do you pinch off a little and give the church as if you 
were giving the cause a tip. 

Do you volunteer your services or do you have to be asked or begged 
all the time? Do you sustain the doctrines and ordinances of your church? How 
well are you acquainted with your Pastor? Does he see you enough to know 
your name. How much are you worth to your Pastor? Would it make him any 
different if you join another church? Do you always speak well of your Pastor 
and Church? Do you ever bring other people with you to your church. Have 
you ever made a real sacrifice for your church? Can you really say that you 
love your church? 

What are you worth to God? The Divine evaluation unquestioned. What 
man is worth to God is made clear at the Cross on Calvary Here the God- 
given Son gave his life That is how much man is worth to God. But what 

are you actually worth to him in the Kingdom task? Can God depend on you 
for Service or will you fail him in the Pinch. 

Can you say . , . 

I love thy Kingdom, Lord 

The House of thine abode 

The church our blest Redeemer saved 

With his own precious Blood, 

For her my tears shall fall; 

For her my prayer ascend 

To her my cares and toils be given. 

Till toils and cares shall end. 


B.T.U.-Wednesday 6-27-73 

Solo— "My Living Will Not Be in Vain" Mrs. Mattie Ingram: 

Rev. W. M. Wyatt commented on President Murray's address. He stated 

that, there had not been a greater one than this. 

A motion was adopted that the body give a rising vote of appreciation to« 

the president for this informative and most inspirational address. 

Pastors and Directors present . , . 20 

Instructors and Pupils Enrolled , 110 

Total Enrolled 130 

Amount of Finance $30.91 

Recognition of Leaders of the Rowan Family. 

Dr. D. R. Hedgley, Executive Secretary, Rowan Association 
Mrs. J. C. Harris, Executive Secretary, Rowan Sunday School Convention 
Presentation of Awards to Oratorical Contest Winners. 

lsi Prize......... , , ............. , Mr. Robert Hairston' 

2nd Prize Miss Gay Vampell 

3rd Prize (A Tie) Miss Laura Thompson 

Mr. William Buckskin- 
Other participants were given honorable mention. 


A motion was adopted to retain the same slate of officers for 1973-1974,. 
Respectfully submitted: Dr. W. M. Wyatt, Chairman, Rev. S. W. Mack, 
Rev. W. T. Jackson, Mrs. Willie M. Chambers, Mrs. Bessie Hairston. 
The Committee on Resolutions Recommends: 

1. That The Baptist Training Union be revel ent to the need of the Church) 
and Community 

2. Pray that all ministers cooperate with the Training Union Director, 
officers and members of the whole membership of church 

3. We should encourage each church member to be associated with the' 
Training Union. 

4. That each church take a part in the Oratorical contest to enlarge the 

5. That we give a rising vote of thanks to the host pastor, Rev. W. C. 
Hay, of Galilee Baptist Church, Winston-Salem, N. C. 

6. That more young people should be placed on this committee. 

7. That we should have a "Youth Witnessing Hour." 

Respectfully submitted: Mrs. Estelle Fries, Chairman, Mrs. Rose Hairston,. 
Rev. E. M. Brown, Mrs. M. M. Carlton, Mrs. Emma Kellum, Mr. Carl Archie,, 
Mr. Raffield Evans. 


There were no new bodies to be reported. 

Mr. Paul Swann, Chairman, Mrs. A. D. Logan, Mrs. B. I. Mitchell, Rev, 
Rufus Wyatt 


Representation Fee $308.00 

Morning Conference 28.74 

Afternoon Conference 30.91 

Received for Shaw University 169.51 

Total Receipts $537.16 



Mr. M. C. Murray, Expense and Honorarium - 88.50 

Printing of Minutes - 79.30 


For Convention Programs $ 29.00 

Mr. Squire Hairston, 1st Vice President 20.00 

Mr. John H. Henderson, Jr., 2nd Vice President 20.00 

Mrs. Addle M. Neal, Recording Secretary 20.00 

Mrs. Terrell Walker, Assistant Recording Secretary 10.00 

Mrs. Doris A. Johnson, Corresponding Secretary 20.00 

Mr. Henderson Webb, Treasurer 25.00 

Miss Barbara Benson, Pianist 10.00 

Mrs. Mattie Ingram, Organist 10.00 

Rev. S. W. Mack, Auditor 5.00 

Mrs. E. M. Whitworth, Honorarium 5.00 

Mrs. Mary S. Philson, Honorarium 5.00 

Janitorial Service, Honorarium 5.00 

Rev. W. C. Hay, Inspirational Message 15.00 

Rev. M. L. Dillingham, Annual Sermon 15.00 

Mrs. Willa P. Smith, Choister 8.00 

Mrs. Doris Hun f , Honorarium 10.00 

Mr. Robert Hairston, 1st Prize, Oratorical (Contest Winner) 7.50 

Miss Gay Vamp'e, 2nd Prize, Contest Winner 5.00 


Miss Laura Thompson (Tied for 3rd Prize Winner) 2.50 

Mr. William Buckskin (Tied for 3rd Prize Winner) 2.50 

Miss Gloria Tvson, Honorarium 5.00 

Total $ 10.00 

Grand Total Disbursements $432.30 

Appropriation Committee: Mr. M. C. Murray, Rev. Theodore Walker, Mrs. 
M. S. Philson, Mr. Henry Banks, Mr. Waverly Camp, Rev. S. W. Mack, Mr. 
Squire Haiston. 


The Local Program was presented by the Host Church. 

Music by the Choir. 

Rev. M. L. Dillingham, who preached the Annual Sermon, was presented 
by Rev. S. W. Mack, as Pastor of the Shiloh Baptist Church, Mocksville, North 
Carolina, and as a Youth Coordinator. 

Rev. Dillingham expressed how much he enjoys Fellowship with The 
Rowan Family. His Scripture Text was St. John 8:12. His Theme: "The 
Breaking of a New Day." 

He began his discourse with a question, "In this and time with minds set 
on material gains, Will there be a New Day? There are so many unexpected 
happenings. Minds are not set on things above. The atmosphere is filled with 
alcoholism, men still hate, church folk are hypocritical and jealous, ideas run 
from place to place, institutions have become filthy, men uncertain, unsure. 
Is there a New Day Coming? Yes, a new Day is possible. He stated that I'm sure 
you are tired of these goings on. But Jesus speaks with authority— "I Am 
The Light of the World." There must be a certainty that He is all Power. To 
have life more abundantly, we must have that Light. Light to look at men 
with a new kind of faith, not because of color, but because he is a man. 


This Light will enable one to sit down in peace— unless men change their 
minds, those of us who have felt the difficulties, will only feel the power, 
if we have this Light. 

He mentioned the woman caught in adultry, but Jesus said, "He who is 
without sin cast the first stone." Men sitting around judging can't have a 
New Day. Jesus brought the woman out of darkness. 

These important factors stressed: 

1. A Revolutionary Change— There needs ot be a spiritual change in the 
church. A spiritual experience, "Ye must be born again", be willing. Jesus is 
the same. The Bible can fit into The New Day. 

2. Better Relationships— between adults and young folk. When you meet 
Jesus, you will go back another way. There is no communication gap up there 
and no generation gap. 

3. Men of Coinage— Young People must be willing to go a little further,, 
take up the cross of laziness. Unless hearts and minds are changed the New 
Day will not come. We must get together. Young People it is alright to be 
told about the Day, but you must know it for yourself. You can be Somebody, 
or Somebody else in this New Day. Get in Christ. 

Song by The Choir "Just As I Am" 

Rev. J. W. White offered prayer for the Sick and Shut-in. 

Closing Hymn "More Love to Thee' 




JUNE, 1973 


Miss Fevelyn Davis 
1064 Gibson St. 
Miss Renaw Gody 
432 Griggs 

High Point 

Mrs. J. E. Melton 
814 Fairview St 


Miss Hester Hairston 

Route 3, Box 282 

Mr. Michael Hairston 

(No Address) 

Miss Veronica Young 

Route 3 

Miss Anita Hairston 

Route 3 

Miss Carla Hairston 

Route 3 

Miss Latonia Hairston 

Route 3, Box 282 

Miss Donita Norman 

{No Address) 

Miss Bessie Hairston 

Route 3 

Miss Fina Hairston 

Route 3, Box 392 

Miss Rosita Young 

Route 3, Box 390 

Miss Evelyn Brown 

(No Address) 

Mr. Lawrence Young 

Route 3 

Miss Regina Hairston 

Route 3, Box 413 

Miss Genolia Hairston 

Route 3, Box 300 

Mr. Squire Hairston 

Route 3 

Miss Verdenn Hairston 

Route 3 

Rev. Rufus Wyatt 

Route 3 

Miss Rose Hairston 

Route 3 

Miss Frances F. Hairston 

Route 3, Box 413 

Miss Ethel Davis 

(No Address) 

Miss Katrina Hairston 

Route 3 

Charles Crump 

(No Address) 

Terry Simon 

(No Address) 

Rhonda Latina Crump 

Route 3, Box 278 

Rev. E. M. Brown 
650 Lindsey St. 
Mrs. A. D. Logan 
1318 McGehee St, 



.Mrs. B. I. Mitchell 

708 Wright St. 

Mrs. Terrell Walker 

417 Davis St. 

Mrs. Ida W. Tucker 

Route 9, Box 425 

Miss Resunester Rodgers 

820 Moore St 

Mr. John FL Henderson. Jr. 

1201 Lyle St 

Mrs. Addie M. Neal 

553 N. E. Market St 

Mr. Donnell Dodd 

Robinson Circle 


Mrs. Mary E. Walker 

Rev. Theodore Walker 

430 Concord Road 

Miss Phylis Jones 

Barber Street 

Miss Terrie Brown 

324 S. Croge 

Miss Shirley Smith 

228 Llod 

Mr. Waverly J. Camp 

1329 Westbank St. 

Mr. George Jackson 

1114 W. Horah St 


Miss Susie Mattrox 

503 Falls St 

Mrs. M. M. Carlton 

309 Nearton Ave. 

Mrs. Mable G. Dal ton 

652 S. Elm St 

Miss Carol Dal ton 

652 S. Elm St 

Mr. G. F. Dalton 


Miss Rachel E. Joyner 

Miss 2306 K. Court Ave. 

Miss Rosa B. Evans 

846 Camel Ave. 

Miss Inez C. Preward 

123 S. Cameron Ave. 

Mr. Paul Swarm 

Dublin Court 

Mrs. Willa P. Smith 

1501 Dublin Court 

Mr. Darryl Webb 

3005 N. Patterson Ave. 

Mr. Henderson Webb 

3005 X. Patterson Ave. 

Mr. Rayfield Evans 

(Xo Address) 

Mrs. Henry N. Clyburn 

509 25th Street 

Miss Minnie Webb 

-3005 Patterson Ave, 

Mr. James Houston 

(No Address) 

Miss Lisa Cook 

1301 Dublin Court 

Miss Christopher Sally 

1301 Dublin Court 

Miss Jackie Lynn 

5064 Xoble St 

Miss Winoua Murray 

1301 Dublin Court 

Miss Charisa Salley 

1908 E. 17th St. 

Mrs. Ella M. Whitworth 

119 Dunleigh Ave. 

Miss Willie Mae Chambers 

1012 E. 16th St. 

Mrs. Ella B. Thompson 

1201 E. 9th St 

Mr. George W. Rivers 

1407 5th Street 

Miss Eva Stanback 

(Xo Address) 

Mr. M. C. Murray 

1301 Dublin Court N.E. 

Mr. Henry Banks 

2411 Glen Ave. 

Mrs. Emma Kellum 

1809 E. 3rd St. 

Miss Birdie E. Moore 

867 Crawford St 

Miss Meldonie Cook 

(Xo Address) 

Mrs. M. S. Philson 

654 24y 2 St. 

Mr. Carl Archie 

2750 Shorfair Drive 

Miss Carol Archie 

2750 Shorefair Drive 

Miss Mary Hughes 

919 Roosevelt St. 

Mr. Larry Jenkins 

2435 Patterson Ave. 

Miss Karen Yuette Watts 

2870 Shorefair Drive 

Miss Vanessa Archie 

2750 Shorefair Dr. 

Miss Shela Banks 

2911 Glen Ave. 

Miss Alice Hamilton 

6 A. Sunrise Town 

Mrs. Shellie Rivers 

1407 Fitch St. 

Mrs. Mattie G. Ingram 

2825 Bon Air Ave. 

Mr. Bennie Oates 

1204 W. 14th St 


Mr. Donnell D. Miller 
2715 Patrick Ave. 
Miss Kares Ransley 
3870 Bumken Circle 
Miss Bonita Morgan 
1373 W. Hedgefield Dr. 
Miss Audrey Caldwell 
3000 N. Patterson Ave. 
Mrs. Mahalia Wilkins 
1274 Foster St. 
Miss Angela Bethea 
2825 Bon Air Ave. 
Rev. K. O. P. Goodwin 
501 26th Street 
Miss Patricia Hemphill 
7 W. 28th St. 
Miss Hannah Dawns 
7 W. 28th Street 
Mr. Bobby Bradley 
5064 Noble St. 
Miss Linda Samuels 
1416 E. 5th St 
Mrs. Pearline Peck 
849 Haywood 
Rev. E. E. Bailey 
1732 Thurman St. 

Mrs. Viola Curtheslson 
(No Address) 
Mrs. Maggie Dubose 
121 N. Cleveland Ave. 
Miss Tonya Brown 
406 N. W. Blvd. 
Miss Christine Johnson 
(No Address) 
Miss Deidris Sally 
1908 E. 17th St. 
Rev. W. C Hay 
2528 Amherst St. 
Mr. Jeffry Duncan 
(No Address) 
Miss Burnice Kennedy 
408 W. 24% St. 
Mrs. M. M. Campbell 
(No Address) 
Mr. Othella Carter 
(No Address) 
Mrs. Annie B. Hay 
2528 Amherst St. 
Mrs. Estelle Fries. 
1403 Oak St 



Of The 


Of The 


AUGUST 18-19, 1973 


South Caldwell Street 

Salisbury, North Carolina 

Mr, Coy Traynham, Jr...... „ „ President 

Mr, Manie White „ « . First Vice President 

Mr. Gilbert Winborne „ Second Vice President 

Mr. Elbert Dalton „ , Third Vice President 

Miss Augusta White. ..... „ Recording Secretary 

Mrs. Mabel G. Dalton .....Financial Secretary 

Mr. William Pearson Treasurer 

The Reverend W. T. Jackson. Host Pastor 

Mr. Curtis Crait General Field Worker 

Mrs. M. A. Hoover.... Junior Supervisor 

Miss Patsy Rogers... President of the Juniors 

The Reverend C. R. Trotter Moderator of the Rowan Baptist Association 

The Fifty-first Annual Meeting of the Ushers' Convention of the Rowan 
Baptist Association was held with the Gethsemane Baptist Church, Pastor 
Reverend W. T. Jackson, August 18-19, 1973. Devotion was led by Mr. Clarence 
Hairston and Mr. Lester Davidson. After a soul stirring devotion the meeting 
was opened with remarks from the president, Mr. Coy Traynham, Jr. Echoes 
from the field were given by the District Presidents and Junior Supervisors. 
Each expressed appreciation for the cooperation given to them by the different 
churches in their districts. Following the Echoes from the Field the meeting 
was turned over to the Junior President Miss Patsy Rogers who presented the 
contestants for the Oratorical Contest. The winners were: First place Miss 
Shelia Harp of the High Point District, Second place Miss Laurie Thompson 
of the Statesville District and Third place Miss Diane Boger of the Salisbury 
District. Shelia Harp presented the Junior President Miss Patsy Rogers for 
her Inspirational Message. Miss Rogers spoke on the topic: "NO PARKING" 


Many years ago a poet write these lines: , 
Heaven is not reached in a single bound; 
But we build the ladder by which we rise 
From the lowly earth to the vaulted skies 
And we mount to its summit round by round. 

As we consider the words of the poet we should also recognize that it 
seems to be a trait of human nature to be eternally on the look out for a 
place to park not only one's automobile, but one's self. As we ride through 
the streets of our cities today we repeatedly face the words "don't park 
here." We find them in the business and residential sections and on the side 
streets. They stare at us from the fire hydrants, in front of theatres, bus stops, 
public buildings, and numerous other places. As we ride along the lonely 
places of the country's highways we are constantly reminded to keep off the 
shoulders and we are told not to park on hills, curves or highways. In the 
park we are told to keep off the grass. At the intersections the policeman tells 
us to step lively. 

Restrictions and warnings are to be seen and heard on every side touching 
every face of life: therefore, I'd like to warn you against parking because if 


we rest we rust, if water rests it stagnates; if a tree rests it dies, if our lungs- 
rests we cease to breath and if our hearts rest we die. 

Yes, don't park heres are found in nature, science and human life and 
they are for our own protection. Yet, in spite of all warnings man continue' 
to park in many places where he should not. To some of these places I would 
like to call to your attention. Some men, women, boys and girls park beside 
their failures. 

Some youths study hard in school, examinations come the fail. Instead of 
pushing forward they accuse the instructors of being unnecessarily hard to 1 
cover their own failures. They quit studying, drop out of school and park 
idly beside the highway of intelligence. For others a broken home is the excuse 
for parking along the highway of life. For others hardships or troubles come, 
they get sick, so they give up because they've lost what was important at the 
moment and Park beside their failures and disappointments. 

But whenever you're tempted to park, remember what happened to Brer 
Rabbit when he parked for a while; Brer Terrapin won the race; or remember 
**it is not the critic who counts, or the man who points out how the strong 
man stumbled, or where the door of deeds could have done better. The credit 
goes to the man who is actually in the arena; whose face is marred by dust and 
sweat and blood; who strives bravely; who errs and come short again and 
again; who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions and spends himself 
in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triump of high 
achievements and who at worst if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly; 
so that his place shall never be among those cold and timid souls who knows 
neither victory or defeat." 

Furthermore, there are some people that study hard, become honor students, 
beauty queens, football or basketball stars and full of pride finish school to 
rest beside past glories. 

We can't afford to park beside our successes. We must remain strong, 
vigorous and continuously pressing forward. 

I suppose that by now there are many questions going through your mind, 
such as: What are we as a group going to do? Or What can I as an individual 
do? Well my friends the decision is up to you, but I hope that whatever you 
decide to do you will be able to look your fellowman in the eye and say I am 
what I am because I did not park. 

After remarks by the President, Mr. Traynham we adjourned until Sunday 
Morning at 9:00. 

The Sunday Morning Session was opened with Devotions being led by 
two of the Junior Officers, Ethan Carson and Shelia Harp. After the appoint- 
ment of Committees the program was turned over to Mrs. Hoover with the 
President Patsy Rogers presiding assisted by Shelia Harp, for the Junior Program 
which was presented and enjoyed by all. 

Selection ,„., „ , , First Baptist Church 


Poem , ,, .- - Detrice Torrence 

St. Stephen, Winston-Salem 

Selection , Bumcombe Baptist 


Poem , , , Cynthia Carson 

First Baptist, Statesville 

Selection , , Brenda Transou 

Goodwill, Lexington 

Selection , The True Tone Gospel Singers 

Mt. Olive, Winston-Salem 

Poem „ Dede Carson 

United Metropolitan, Winston-Salem 
Selection , Reginald McGill 


Bethlehem, High Point 

Beading Cathy Brannon 

Clifton Grove, Lexington 

Selection • First Baptist Church 


Poem ■ ■ Arnett Cowan 

First Calvary, Salisbury 

Reading..... - Marie Crawford 

New Smith Grove, Lexington 

Selection..... The True Tone Gospel Singers 

Mt. Olive, Winston-Salem 

Poem Janet Gordon 

United Metropolitan, Winston-Salem 

Selection. Terry Ann Gray 

First Baptist, Trinity 

Recitation Keith Goode 

High Point 

Selection James Carter 

Files Chapel, Lexington 

Poem Leon Crawford 

Shady Grove, East Spencer 
Selection.. Cethsemane, Salisbury 

Report from Juniors Attending Bible Camp 

The regular Worship Service was conducted by Reverend W. T. Jackson, 
Pastor of Gethsemane Baptist Church. After the Morning Service we closed 
with announcements and comments from the president. 

The afternoon session was opened with an inspirational song service led 
by Mr. Pennix Hairston and Mr. Claude Cuthrall. An impressive Memorial 
Service was led by Mesdames Hoover, Amason, Johnson and Craft, for members 
who had passed since our last annual convention. Music for the afternoon 
was furnished by the Young People's Choir from First Calvary Baptist Church, 
Salisbury under the Direction of Miss Phyllis Partee and Mrs. T. D. Walker. 
The President was presented by Mr. Gilborne, Second Vice President for his 
annual Message. 


Search out hearts and ourselves to see if we are dedicated enough to 
go out of our way to help someone either young or old. As Ushers we must be 
dedicated to the cause of God, we must build our organization on a firm and 
solid foundation unspotted from the world. We must be dedicated enough to 
go the last mile of the way to help someone and be able to lead sinners to 
Christ. No job should be too hard for dedicated Ushers to tackle. 

The president presented Reverend F. D. Betts for the annual sermon. 
His text was taken from the 3rd. Chapter of Romans. 23rd. verse: For all have 
sinned, and come short of the glory of God; Using as a subject "Spiritual Short". 
He stated that God is not satisfied with Ushers looking wise and acting other- 
wise. If you cannot greet the people with a smile you should excuse yourself. 
God is waiting for those people who will tell it like it is. We need the spirit 
of the Almighty God to come in our churches. Sinners are going to church to 
find some warmth only to find us frozen. What do we have to offer a sin-cold 
world. We spend so much of our time in fighting stead of worshipping God. 

One song writer stated in a song— I have wandered far away from God 
but now I am coming home. One must be changed from nature to Grace. We 
have built fine buildings but we have closed our hearts on Christ. We need 
Christ now in our Convention. Invite God back into the Rowan Association 
and all its Auxiliaries. 



We your comrnitteee on resolutions wish to make the following report: 
Where as the attendance of adults have been very poor at the Saturday Session 
of the Annual Convention and where as adults have given very little support 
to tins activity and where as the Convention voted for the Youth Program to be 
a part of the activities of the Annual Convention be it resolved therefore the 
Convention go on record of giving better support including attendance of 

2. Where as Mr. Coy Traynham, Jr. has provided outstanding leadership 
during his first full term as president of the Ushers Convention, and whereas 
the Convention has moved forward under his Administration be it resolved that 
the Convention go on record of giving Mr. Traynham a vote of thanks and 
appreciation and pledge its support to him as he begins his new term in office. 

3. Communications have long been a problem in certain phases of the Conven- 
tion work. So often a faithful usher in a given district is dead and buried 
before it becomes known to members of another district. The committee recom- 
mends that the line of communications discussed in the Executive Board Meeting 
last year be implemented at the earliest possible date. 

We wish to extend to the pastor Reverend W. T. Jackson and the members 
of Gethsemane Baptist Church our sincere thanks and appreciation for having 
invited the Usher's Convention to their Church and City. The hospitality 
shown by the church has been an inspiration to all of us and we appreciate the 
courtesy shown by all the ushers in the Salisbury District. 

Respectfully submitted: Mr. Gilbert Winborne, Chairman, Ethan Carson, 
Mrs. Coy Traynham, Jr., Mrs. Mary Bates and Mr. M. J. Murray, Mrs. Mildred 


The Scholarship Committee met and recommended that Miss Patsy Rogers 
of the Lexington District would be the recepient of the Scholarship from the 
Convention for another year. Miss Rogers is a rising Junior at Shaw University. 
Your Committee: Mr. Elbert Dal ton, Mrs. Jimmie Johnson, Mrs. Bettie Harris^ 
Mrs. Anne Lindsay, Mrs. Clyde Davidson, Mrs. M. A. Hoover and Mr. Curtis 


We the Banner Committee find that after checking the records of contri- 
butions for both the Semi-Annual and Annual Conventions the following boards 
should receive the Banners for 1973: First Baptist Senior Board of Thomas- 
ville from the High Point District and Goodwill Juniors from the Lexington 

Your Committee: Mr. Elbert Dalton, Chairman, Miss Beverly Dixon, Miss 
Patsy Rogers, Mr. Claude Cuthrall and Mrs. Cindy Collins. 


The Committee on Time and Place submits the following report. Semi- 
Annual Convention will be held with The First Baptist Church in Statesville 
and the Annual Convention will be held in the Stanley County District. The 
Church will be announced later. The Semi-Annual Convention will be held 
Sunday, May 19, 1974 and the Annual Convention will be held August 17-18. 

Time and Place Committee: Mr. Curtis Craft, Chairman, Mr. Pennix 
Hairston, Mrs. Alberta Lilly, Mrs, Clyde Davidson, Mrs. Jimmie Johnson, Mr. 
Robert Foote. 




Roll Call of Officers $ 44.00 

Public Offering (August 18), 18.60 

Public Offering (August 19). .... 43.47 

Senior Boards 491.00 

Junior Boards „ 240.00 








First Baptist, Thomasville 



Mt. Vernon 



First Emmanuel Sr. #1 




First Emmanuel Sr. #2 


Temple Memorial 




First Baptist, High Point 




Calvary Baptist 




New Hope 



New Bethel 




United Ushers 




First Baptist Graham 











Buncombe Baptist 








Clifton Grove 




Files Chapel 







Mt. Zion 








First Calvary- 




Shady Grove 




First Baptist, Concord 







First Baptist Church 




Mt. Zion, Albemarle 
First Baptist, Badin 
New Hope 


10.00 5.00 

16.00 25.00 

6.00 4.00 




Mt. Olive 25.00 3.00 

First Baptist 10.00 5.00 

Waughtown 10.00 

Beulah Baptist, Madison 15.00 5.00 





















St. Stephen 

Zion Memorial 
United Ushers 

_ 140.00 43.00 183.00 

After closing remarks by Reverend T. D. Walker, Secretary of the Rowan 
Association and Mr. Coy Traynham the Convention was dismissed by Reverend 
W. T. Jackson. 




Winston- Sal em, North Carolina 

JULY 18, 19, 1973 
Dr. David R. Hedgley, Pastor 



President , Mrs. Prudence Johnson 

First Vice President , Mrs. Maxwell Grier 

Second Vice President Mrs. Nancy Young 

Third Vice President , .... Mrs. Ethel Bass 

Fourth Vice President Mrs. A. D. Logan 

Recording Secretary Mrs. Sallie G. Salvage 

Assistant Recording Secretary , Mrs. Leola T. Harris 

Corresponding Secretary ,..., Mrs. Eva Wilks 

Treasurer Mrs. Vivian Croom 

Chairman of Executive Board Mrs. Helen Falls 

Young Adult Director Mrs. Bronnie H. Daniels 

Young People Supervisor , Mrs. Addie Neal 

Assistant Young People Supervisor Mrs. Mary Brice 



8:30-10:00 A. M. Executive Board Meeting 

10.00-10:30 Praise service led by Board members, Mrs. Helen W. Falls in charge. 

After a soul stirring devotion and many testimonies, the meeting was turned 

over to the president, Mrs. Prudence Johnson. After brief remarks the choir gave 

their opening selection, "Standing on the Promises" 

A program was presented by the Young Adults. Scripture and Prayer opened 

the program. "In Times like These" was sung by the choir. 

A memorial to the deceased was given, singing: "Sweet Hour of Prayer" and 

Look and Live. This closed the Memorial. 

Rev. A. H. McDaniel presented the speaker, Rev. E. L. Kirby, of Reidsville, N. C. 

who brought the Introductory sermon. "Where Could I Go but to the Lord" was 

sung by the choir. Then Rev. Kirby came forward and read for his scripture 

the 7 & 8 verses of the 40th. chapter of Isiah. 

"The World in a changing Society," "What shall it change to?" "The Bible 

contains the happiness for all, if we only follow it." "We should read the 

Bible to be Wise" It will feed and comfort us, It's a compass for the Pilot, A 

christian compass. It's word will save you and condemn those who trifle with 

it. "We know the word of the Lord is sure and can be relied upon, we know all 


grass withers, If you use the word of God and don't abuse it, our enemies can 
not harm us. The word is the only sure foundation we have to build upon. 
All flesh is as grass. The word of God whl stand forever. "The Bible in a 
Changing Society", was beautifully deliveied by Rev. Kirby. Prayer by Rev. 
D. D. Mason. "Lift Him Up" was sung. Dismission for Lunch. 


5:00 P. M, the afternoon session opened with the Worship Committee conducting 
the devotion, led by Mrs. Emma White. 

After a soul stirring devotion a representative of the host church choir sang 
two songs; "I Have a Saviour Who Can" and "Peace Be Still." 
The Afternoon session opened with Mrs. Nancy Young, 3rd. Vice President 
presiding. The Auxiliary recognized 16 ministers of the Rowan Baptist Associ- 
ation. Mrs. Maxwell Grier presented the president for her annual address. The 
Young Adults sang "I Know The Lord". The president then came forward for 
her message. She used as a subject: "God's Word is the source of stability in 
a world of passing fancies". This was a wonderful message, She talked of 
"Changing Diversion", "Abstract Passing Fancies" "Stewardship"— Malachi 3:10 
"The Word Incarnate" "A Needed Guide" "A Revealing Message" "A March- 
ing Standard" All things changes, but God Never Changes. His word is ever 
true. Her Message was put into print and sold. 

The Tots Choir of Shiloh Baptist Church gave two selections. This was 
enjoyed by all. 

The Youth Department presented a skit "Let Your Light Shine". Give of 
Your Best to the Master" and I would be True, also This Little Light of Mine, 
were sung. 

Offering-$43.00. Dismission. 


The night session opened at 7 P. M. with a soul stirring devotion by the 
devotion Committee. The Local program consisted of Music by the Spiritual 
Choir. Welcome from the Junior Missionaries, the deacon & Trustee Boards, 
the Youth of the Church and the Pastor. Response by Mrs. Eleanor Hairston. 

The president called for the report of the resolution Committee, Which 
reads as follows: "We your committee on Resolutions submit the following 
report: Whereas the Pastor, Members and friends of First Baptist Church, 
Winston-Salem, N. C. have graciously opened to us their doors of this splendid 
Church with all its facilities and their homes in this great city for the sixty- 
fourth Annual session of the Woman's Auxiliary to the Rowan Baptist Association. 

Be it resolved, we express our profound gratitude to the pastor, Dr. David 
R. Hedgley, and his wonderful congregation and all participants who have con- 
tributed their wonderful hospitality to this Auxiliary. 

Be it also resolved that we express to the young adults and Juniors our 
gratitude for taking their time and talent for the glorification of God's Kingdom. 

Be it resolved, we, as Chrisians keep in mind the objectives of our 
Auxiliary to the Woman's State Convention. 

Submitted by the Resolution Committee: Mrs. Agnes Lee, Chairman, Mrs. 
xVatalie Michel!, Mrs. Frances Hairston, Mrs. Ophelia Sutton, Mrs. James McCoy, 
Mrs. Annie S. McGill, Mrs. Maggie Bolden, Mrs. Lucinda Broadnax, Mrs. 
Mary T. Arnold. 

A plaque was given Mrs. Mastern, who have been a board member for a 
number of years, and making her a member emeritus. 

The First Lady of the First Baptist Church was presented to the Auxiliary. 

Rev. C. R. Trotter, President of the Rowan Baptist Association was pre- 
sented by Rev. E. S. Anderson, Rev. Trotter preached an inspiring sermon 
from tho Isiah 48: "The Grass withers, the Flowers fadeth, but the Word of 
God lives on Forever". "Everything we make in this world will wear out", 
"God sees the secret of every heart, The contents of every mind, There is 


eternity in God, We need The light of God to lead us home, God Is Everything", 
The sermon by Rev. Trotter was enjoyed by all. "Lord I've Got Your 

Word", was sung by the congregation. The president made remarks. Offering— 




6:30-7:15 Early Dawn services conducted by Mrs. Pencolia Clyburn and 
others, at 8:00 P, M. the meeting was turned over to Mrs. Helen W. Falls for 
class period. Mrs. Falls presented Mrs. Wyverta Carter, who conducted the 
class period. Mrs. Carter enlarged on the Theme. "The grass withers, the 
Flowers fadeth away, but the word of God shall never fail". She emphasized 
that the soul shall live on forever in heaven or in Hell. We shall work out our 
own Salvation. After an informative class period, Mrs. Falls made remarks. 
There was a question and answer period concerning the operation of the 
Woman's Auxiliary. 

A brief devotion was conducted while the Young Adults were coming 
together. Mrs. Bronnie Daniels, the director gave remarks, and recommended a 
slate of officers. My hope is built on Nothing less, was sung, Scripture and 
prayer were offered. The president of the Young Adults was presented by Mrs. 
Earlene Turner. Scripture and prayer by Miss Sue Rucker. Poem "This I 
Know" by Mrs. Dorothy Finger. 

The Subject: "A Christians Weapon" was used by the president; "This 
weapon is used to heal a sin sick Soul, "This weapon is used as a shelter in 
the time of Storm" The message was very timely and inspiring. "Count on Me' r 
was next sung. 

The Young Adult Handbook was introduced. Price $2.00. The program 
was very inspiring The family of the President was presented: Mother, Husband,. 
Mother-in-law and children. The meeting was then turned over to the President, 
Mrs. Johnson, who presented Mrs. M. A. Home, Executive Secretary of the 
Woman's Home and Foreign Missionary Baptist Convention, Who discussed 
the functions of the Convention. 

Objectives: Oxford-Central Orphanage, Shaw University, Foreign Mission,. 
J. J. Johnson Assembly Site. 

Mrs. Home stated the Dining room and Kitchen and swiming pool are all 
completed. Several questions were asked Mrs. Home, She ably answered them. 
She mentioned the trip to the Holy Lands, December 2, 1973; Mrs. Home 
said she thanks God for W'atergate, because she knows there is a God some- 
where. The President made remarks. 

The Youth Department presented It's program. First a selection by the 
Youth Choir. Miss Marchia Wells presented the president of the Youth Depart- 
ment, Miss Walteria Mack, after another selection, she came forward, using as 
a subject, "The Bible in a changing Society" "Jesus Christ is not just a man 
who lived 2000 years ago, but he lives in our hearts today. "I Know there is a 
God somewhere" "'The Bible is our Guide" It is found in the homes, the Hotels, 
Motels and in the court rooms. "God is God of the Universe" The message was 
very inspiring. 

Remarks by Miss Mack's parents. Offering— $75.00 

Remarks by Rev. C. R. Trotter. He said he believes God will build up a 
nation that will obey, he could see it in these young people here today." 

Mrs. Falls commended the Young Adults and the Youth for such wonderful 
programs. Her remarks were very timely. She also gave the report of the S. S. 
workers. Dismission. 


The meeting convened at 2:30 P. M. Singing, "We have come a long 
Way" Scripture St. Luke 9-49;62 by Rev. Mr. Parker; Prayer by Dennis Wilkes, 


The youth conducted the rededication services, with Rev. W. T. Jackson as the 
speaker. Committee reports as follows: 


The Committee recommended that the Offircers all succeede themselves for 
the 1974 year. 

Submitted by the Committee: Mrs. Ciara Hayes, Miss Lucy Stokes, Rev. W. 
M. Wyatt, Mrs. M. D. Trott; Mrs. Mary Fair; Mrs. Beatrice Milton, Rev. E. L. 
.Kirby; Mrs. Pearline Peck, Mrs. Mildred Carlton, Mrs. Mary Fox. 


There were no new Bodies. 

Submitted by Mrs. Marie Lilly, Mrs. Mabel G. Dal ton, Mrs. Dulsie Burner, 
Mrs. Lula Hairston, Mrs. Gladys Mcintosh, Mrs. Bemice B. Kennedy, Mrs. Mary 
Philson, Mrs. Eloise Coleman, Mrs. Esther N. Gibson, Mrs. Madge R. Butler, 


President Miss Walteria Mack 

Vice President Miss Marcia Wells 

2nd. Vice President Miss Betty Vera Hairston 

3rd. Vice President..... Miss Annie Bradley 

4th. Vice President Miss Charlene Toms 

Secretary..... Miss Millicent Johnson 

Assistant Secretary Miss Cherly Walker 

Finance Mr. Wayverly Camp and Mr. D. Wilks 

Enrollment Mr. D. Wilkes 

Respectfully submitted 
The Youth Department 


The Committee on Place wish to make the following report: 

The committee recommend that we accept the invitation to meet with the 
First Baptist Church of Lexington, N. C. The Rev. B. F. Daniels, Pastor. 

Submitted by the Committee: Mrs. Lillie Mae Chambers; Mrs. Minnie B, 
Jackson; Mrs. Annie M. Burch; Mrs. Hattie Vaughn; Mrs. Annie O. Pinnix: 
Mrs. Theola Chestnut. 

The Treasurer reported $3,630.50 collected at the General Session. 


Mid-twentieth Century Americans live in a period of the most rapid 
change experienced by the human race. The past 50 years have witnessed more 
technelogical advances and more history is being made than perhaps was made 
at any other millenium of civilization. 

We like change, most of us insist on it. Physchologically it satisfies »is to 
the fact that we live in an improving world. 

Much the same type of things has taken place in religious music. One may 
observe a renewed interest in the "Old Gospel Hymns" which are actually one 
of the newest forms of Christians musical expression. 

There is no stability in anything where the primary emphasis is on newness 
or change rather than quality. 

There are people today who live as though God was dead. The ancient lacks 
of self-discipline and responsibility still express themselves in the same wav 
with only modern name changes like "free love, make love not war and 
sexual freedom." 

Malachi 3:6 had the true revelation when he wrote, "For I am the Lord, 


I changeth not." The Humnologist saw clearly that God is no passing fancy 
when he wrote "Change and decay in all around I see. O Thou who changest 
not, abide with me." 

One writer said, "The acceleration rate of change in almost every aspect 
of life has a subtle and persuasive impact on a person's stability, it cuts away 
at his sense of security. "Why worry about the future? It's going to change so 
much that you can't prepare for it, so LIVE NOW. 

Few have realized that the changeless values are those which acknow- 
ledge that God is still God, that he has revealed himself in the Bible, and 
that He has not left us in the darkness of passing fancies concerning life's 
greatest question. There is purpose and plan and ultimately a changelessness 
about life as God extended it. 

There are people of our day who seek to discredit the Bible and the 
church. This is iiot now. Man in every age have tried to destroy God's word, 
but the Bible is still with us. God's word is in the world, His word is in the 

The Bible is just as revelant to our day as it was in the days of Israeh 
Therefore the church should use the Bible as its authority in facing the many 
problems that challenge the church today. 

Parents should teach their children to tithe, teach them to love the Lord 
and to accept the Bible as their guide. 

The illuminating word of this life is success and joy, strength and cour- 
age and all are found in Jesus Christ. He is the way to fulfillment and meaning 
to life. 

No matter what others say or what direction others follow or what 
period of time you live in, Jesus Christ will illuminate the path of the Christian. 

Moses was a great leader of Israel, liberating them from slavery and 
guiding them for almost forty years. But when he died Joshua was chosen to 
take the people into Cannan, God instructed him to continue in the law just 
as he had Moses. Leaders of men die but the word of God lives on. 

God manifested himself in three ways, creation, revelation and incarnation. 
In the first He demonstrated his power, in the other His purpose and in the 
third His person. 

The Bible is not holy because of the environment in which it was originally 
proclaimed, but because of its source. It's authority stems from its authorship, 
not from the condition of whom it was addressed. 

Andrew Jackson speaking of the Bible said, "That Book is the rock on 
which our republic rest," Daniel Webster said, "If we abide by the principles 
taught by the Bible, our country will prosper." 

Yes, the world changes, the thinking, the customs, the habits of man 
change. This, all the more points up the folly of staking our lives, our destinies, 
on the philosophies of men. Only God remains unchanged. His word is Sure. 
Let us build our lives on His eternal word. 


Cooleemee, N. C. Mrs. Mabel Weathers 

Mrs. Prudence L. Johnson 638 Harry Street 

P. O. Box 51 27014 China Grove, N. C. 28023 

Mrs. Vivian M. Kesler „ , _, „ «„«„„ 

Rte. 1, Box 188 Eden, N C. 27288 

Woodleaf, N. C. 27054 Rev - Robert S. Geiger, Jr. 

Mrs. Ella L. Kesler J; °- Box 5 7? TT 

Rt. 1, Box 151-A Mrs - Anita M - Hairston 

Woodleaf, N. C. 27054 P ; ° T Box ^ „ 7 „ 

Mrs. Florence Wells 

China Grove 309 N. Henry Street 

Mrs. Mae A. Lynch East Spencer, N. C. 

P. O. Box 811 Mrs. Elaine Coleman 

Landis, N. C. 28088 111 Corell Street, 28039 



Mrs. Mary J. Fox 
P. O. Box 451 28169 
Spencer, N. C. 
Mrs. Mary L. Holman 
P. O. Box 44, 28039 
Mrs. Earlene F. Turner 
P. O. Box 482, 28039 

Graham, N. C. 
Mrs. Agnes E. Lee 
610 Ray Street, 27253 
Mrs. Anna Patterson 
Box 205 

Badin, N. C. 28009 
Rev. H. H. Hawkins 
274 Lincoln St. S. W. 
Concord, N. C. 28025 
Mrs. Viola Luckey 
P. O. Box 601 
China Grove, N. C. 28023 
Mrs. Addie Block 
P. O. Box 248 
Albemarle, N. C. 28001 
Mrs. Theoia Chestnutt 
Rte. 2, Box 179 
Randleman, N. C. 

Greensboro, N. C. 

Rev. E. S. Anderson 

P. O. Box 21454 

Mrs. E. S. Anderson 

P. O. Box 21454 

Mrs. Annie M. Burch 

706 Hertford S. 

Mrs. Carrie L. Gilmer 

822 Rugby Street 

Mrs. Louise Hilton 

1101 Logan Street 

Mrs. Frankie Higgins 

400 E. Whittington St. 

Mrs. Libbie Lofton 

711 Ross Avenue 

Mrs. Edna McLean 

510 Terrell St. 

Mrs. Hannah Matthews 

1408 Dans Rd. 

Mr. William L. Mason 

25U8 t ernbrook Rd. 

Mrs. Velma Sawyer 

404 Boyd Street, 27401 

Mrs. Isabelle Smith 

1002 Cottage Grove Ave. 

Miss Lucv A. Stokes 

400 Beech St. 

Mrs. Elizabeth M. Warren 

2101 Tussaloosa St. 

Mrs. Nancy Young 

1909 Larkin St., 27406 

High Point, N. C. 

Mrs. Sallie Anthony 
703 E. College Dr. 
Mrs. Mary Bright 
315 Woodbury St., 27260 
Mrs. Martha Cobb 

307 Windley St. 
Mrs. Lillie M. Davis 
531 Radford St. 

Mrs. Mahailey Grippn 
309 Vail Ave. 27260 
Mrs. Marie Lilly 
1311 Camden Ave. 
High Point, N. C. 2726c 
Rev. Leonard L. Macon 
712 W. Willis Ave. 27260 
Mrs. Mildred M. Macon 
712 W. Willis Ave. 27260 
Mrs. J. E. Melton 
814 Fairview St. 
Mrs. Annie O. Pinnix 
1217 Cedrow Ave. 
Mrs. Ora Lee Richardson 
813 Mint Ave. 
Mrs. F. Leola Sanders 
1511 Futrelle Dr. 27262 
Mrs. Iphelia B. Sutton 
509 Underhill St. 
Mrs. Carolyn L. Wilson 
805 Mobile St. 

Lexington, N. C. 
Mrs. Margie Bango 

308 E. 3rd Ave. 
Mrs. Annie Burris 
104 Booker Ave. 
Mrs. Betty Cross 

Rt. 9, Lexington, N. C. 

Mrs. Mary Lee Farrington 

402 Dunbor St., 27292 

Miss Dorothy M. Finger 

Rt. 3, Box 414 

Mrs. Elizabeth Gaddy 

Club Apt. 2 N. 

Mrs. Frances F. Hairston 

Rte. 3, Box 413 

Mrs. Beulah Hairston 

Rte. 3, Lexington, N. C. 27292 

Mrs. Elnora Hairston 

Rte 2, Bo« 411 

Mrs. Genolia Hairston 
Rte. 3, Box 400 
Mrs. Gladys Mcintosh 
906 Octavia St. 

Mocksville, N. C. 
Mrs. Lula Climent 
Rte. 1, Box 48 
Mrs. Esther C. Doulin 
Mocksville, N. C. 27028 


Mrs. Nancy Hairston 
1030 Village Dr., 27292- 
Mrs. Edna B. Mason 
Rte. 3, Mocksville 
Mrs,- Sereda Masons 
Box 42, Mocksville 

New London, N. C. 28127 
Mrs. Evenly Kendall 
Rte. 2, Box 111 
Mrs. Eula M. Lewis. 
Rte. 2, 28127 
Mrs. Alberta Tilley 
Rte. 2, New London 
Mrs. Thelma Warrers 
Rte. 2, Box 121 

Reidsville, .N, C„ 

Mrs. Maggie M. Boldera 
410 Davis Street, 27320 
Rev. Earl M. Brown 
650 Lindsay Street 
Mrs. Vivian Croom 
602 Benson Street 
Miss Sallie M. English 
F. O. Box 61 
Mrs. Eunice Kirby 
P. O. Box 756 
Mrs. A. D. Logan. 
Po. O. Box 427 
Mrs. B. I. Mitchell 
708 Wright Street 
Mrs. Mary W. Motley 
1618 Barnes Street 
Mrs. Mary A. Neal 
105 Chevy Street 
Mrs. Lewis Robbins 
736 Fourth Avenue 
Mrs. Ethel M. Rogers 
1003 Piedmont Street 
Mrs. Thelma C. Smith 
1017 Lyle Street 
Mrs. Ida W. Tucker 
Rte. 9, Box 425 
Marlyn Sue Tucker 
Rte. 9, Box 425 
Mrs. Fannie M. Vincent 
Mrs. Exia H. Woods 

Salisbury, N. C. 
Mrs. Madge R. Butler 
1022 W. Horah Street 
Mrs. Clara D. Barger 
1429 W. Horah Street 
Mrs. Dulcie R. Butner 
220 Faith Rd. 
Mrs. Beatrice Clodfelfer 
Rte. 3, Box 388 

N. A. Chunn 
906 Hawkins Town Rd, 
Mrs. Ethel W. Chunn 
906 Hawkins Town Rd, 
Mrs. Evelyn Clybon 
1201 W. Marsh St. 
Mrs. Esther N. Gibson 
1422 W. Monroe St. 
Mrs. Veronia Hairston 
Rte. 3, Box 392, 27292 
Mrs. Alberta Hairston 
Rte. 3, Box 1214 
Rev. C. H. Hawkins 

701 Hawkins Town Rd- 
Mrs. Louise Hoover 
1027 Old Plank Rd. 
Mrs. Mamie Krider 

P. O. Box 874 
Mrs. Beatrice Milton 
1119 W. Bank Street 
Mrs. Nora B. Robinson 
1339 W. Horah Street 
Mrs. Willie M. Stout 

702 Hawkins Town Rd. 
Mrs. Augusta White 
704 W. Cemetery St. 
Mrs. Iva Wilks 

204 S. Lloyd St. 
Mrs. Jean Wood 
P. O. Box 1175 
Dr. William M. Wyatt 
413 N. Church St. 

Statesville, N. C. 
Mrs. Mildred M. Carlton 
309 Newton Ave. 
Mrs. Leola T. Harris 
840 Armstrong Street 
Mrs. Susie Mattox 
503 Falls St., 28677 
Mrs. Parthenia Stevenson 
409 Chambers St. 

Trinity, N. C. 
Mrs. Luella Gray 
Rte. 3, Box 180 
Mrs. Hannah B. Gray 
Rte. 2, Box 341 

Winston-Salem. N C 

Mm. Julia Anderson 
2037 Lincoln Avenue 
Mr. Preston Anderson 
2037 Lincoln Ave. 
Mrs. Mary T. Arnold 
143 S. Graham Avenue 
Mrs. Lottie Browning 
108 S. Jackson Avenue 
Mrs. Mary P. Brice 
2601 N. Cherry St. 



Mrs. Minnie Black 

104 East Drive 

Mrs. Victoria R. Burgess 

1631 Harrison Ave. 

Mrs. Juanita Boger 

1201 E. 9th Street 

Mrs. Delores Bailey 

901 Highland Ave. 

Mrs. Elmer Bracey 

1463 N. Cherry St. 

Miss Barbara Benson 

.2404 Collins Steet 

Mrs. Ethel B. Brim 

2072 Cannon Ave, 

Mrs. Ada P. Brown 

-2024 Lincoln Avenue 

Mrs. Nettie M. Carter 

1208 E. 4th.. Street 

Mrs. Wyvetra S, Carter 

311 Smith Street, 27101 

Mrs. Esther Cunningham 

316 Greenwood Avenue 

Mrs. Emma Cooper 

1000 Manley Street, 27105 

Mrs. Margaret M. Campbell 

1266 W. Sedgefield Street 

Mrs. Henry N. Clvburn 

509 25th. St. N. W. 

Mrs. Maggie Dubose 

121 N. Cleveland Ave, 

Mrs. E. O. Donoho 

1004 Cameron Ave. 

Mrs. Bronnie H. Daniels 

3911 Tony Drive N. E. 

Mrs. Rosa B. Evans 

846 Camel Avenue 

Mrs. Eva M. Ellis 

1456 Douglas Street, N. E. 

Mrs. Helen W. Falls 

2037 E. 17th. St. 

Mrs. Mary L. Fair 

1015 Ellis Street 

Mrs. Erma Frazier 

1416 N. Cherry St. 

Mrs. Mary J. Foote 

1834 N. Jackson Avenue 

Mrs. Odessa Freeman 

3160 Woodfin St. 

Mrs. Valeria Falls 

Rte. 2, Walkertown, N. C. 

Mrs. Sarah Gates 

1304 Mint Street 

Mrs. Ora Lee Griggs 

217 Terrace Avenue 

Mrs. Ethel Griffin 

415 Salem Avenue 

Mrs. Lucy Green 

1478 Addison Ave. 

Mrs. Dorothy E. Goodson 
P. O. Box 4055 
Mrs. Lillian Gaylord 
-2013 E. 14th Street 
Mrs. Mattie C. Glenn 
3330 New Walkertown Rd. 
Miss Jerrye L. Griffin 
1100 Salem Valley Rd. 12-B 
Mrs. Bernice N. Hunter 
3340 Carver Rd., 27105 
Mrs. Alice Hamilton 
Sunrise Towers, Ap 6-A 
Mrs. Hannah L. Howard 
618 N, Jackson Ave, 
Mrs. Anna Belle Hamlin 
937 Watkins Street 
Mrs. Virginia T. Henry 
823 N. Graham Avenue 
Dr. David R. Hedgley 
1025 W. 25th Street 
Mrs. Clara N. Hayes 
2093 E. 12th. Street 
Mrs. Anna B. Hay 
2528 Amhurst Street 
Mrs. Mattie Ingram 
2825 Bon- Air Avenue 
Mrs. Mary E. Jenkins 
1438 N. Cleveland Ave, 
Mrs. Ollie Jenkins 
2435 Patterson Avenue 
Mrs. Minnis S. Jones 
908 Ferrell Avenue 
Mrs. Minnie B, Jackson 
1438 E. 12th. Street 
Mrs. Lenner P. Jefferies 
2711 Kilkare Avenue 
Miss Jovcelyn Johnson 
3160 Woodfin Place 
Mrs. Ethel Jones 
1441 Douglas Street 
Mrs. Bernice B. Kennedv 
408 W. 24y 2 Street 
Mrs. Emma V. Kellum 
1809 E. 3rd. Street 
Mrs. Mary H. Kay 
2705 Teresa Avenue 
Mrs. Mary E. Kiser 
2247 Betheshase Rd, 
Mrs. Hershel Lee 
101 Booker Avenue 
Rev. S. Walter Mack 
2905 Bon- Air Avenue 
Mrs. Levesta McCrow 
839 Brookline St. S. E. 
Mrs. Mary D. McCurrv 
926 Jackson Avenue 
Mrs. Annie S. McGill 
1204 Cromartie Street 


Mrs. Carrie Newman 
1430 E. 4th. Street 
Miss Jackie Neal 
1034 Addison Avenue 
Mrs. Viola W. Roberts 
1201 19th. St. N.E. 
Mrs. Mary S. Philson 
654 24% Street 
Mrs. Lucille Posey 
200 - 24y 2 Street, N. W. 
Mrs. Roxanna W. Pitts 
1911 E. 18th. Street 
Mrs. Annie Pearson 
1918 E. 3rd. Street 
Mrs. Shellie Rivers 
1407 Fitch Street 
Mrs. Pearline S. Peck 
849 Haywood St 
S. Dora Roberts 
3600 Kinghill Dr. 
Mrs. Susanna Roseborough 
3001 Carr Court 

Mrs. Sarah E. Sanders 
110 Jackson Avenue 
Mrs. Sallie G. Salvage 
815 N. Graham Avenue 
Mrs. Agnes Shaw 
2436 Caledonia Ave. 
Mrs. Vera S. Stepp 
1011 Treadway Court 
Mrs. Willia P. Smith 
821 25th. St. N. W. 
Mrs. Willia Truesdale 
431 W. 24% Street 
Mrs. Emma White 
319 Walkertown Ave. 
Mrs. Willie Mae Walker 
1475 Addison St 
Miss Arlycia Woods 
1410 Underwood Ave. 
Mrs. Ruth W. Woods 
1431 E. Third Street 


I '